As global leaders in sensor fusion and Android Automotive, we're specialized in developing advanced safety systems and infotainment and help our customers around the world move forward. Join the movement.

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Deeply rooted in a history of sea exploration and innovation, the Scandinavian mentality of striving for a better tomorrow is forged from the constant battle against nature and our harsh climate.
At Technical Center Gothenburg, we carry on this tradition by always striving to improve our quality, our tools and processes, and ourselves - continuously taking small steps forward to make life just a little bit better - each day. We pioneered using agile methodologies, open source software, and modern-day DevOps within Aptiv, and we're always on the lookout for the next big thing.

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Did you know

Did you know...

Home to five OEMs and history going back to 1915, Gothenburg is a thriving automotive hub in Europe attracting global talent from all over the world. With around 30,000 people, Gothenburg’s automotive industry is one of the world’s leaders in vehicle development. 

At Technical Center Gothenburg we're creating an autonomous rickshaw ("tuk-tuk") called C-MOD (City Mobility On Demand) with an integrated Android-based infotainment system. A fun student-project driven by summer interns and thesis workers with the intent of bringing visitors autonomously from the parking lot to our office. A great way to engage young talent and introduce them to our company.
Pioneering in in-vehicle communication, we've made significant contributions to several important industry standards over the years, from ISO 26262 (Functional Safety), ISO 14229 (Diagnostic Services), and the Bluetooth SIG core specifications.

Tech Center Gothenburg

Our tech center is home to almost 260 employees representing over 15 different nationalities from all around the world - we're a truly international workplace where equal opportunity - regardless of age, gender and origin - is a key factor to our past, present and future success. Conveniently located next to the city's crown jewel and main holiday attraction, the historic Liseberg amusement park, our office is always bustling with activity and youthful optimism. 

Represented by the Advanced Safety & User Experience and Electrical Distribution System groups, we've earned global leadership in areas such as sensor fusion and the Android Automotive platform. With over 30 years of experience from software and systems development in active safety and infotainment, we have a deep rooted tradition of technology development, and we are considered a valued partner by our local and global customers. 

In the heart of Scandinavia 

Strategically located in the middle of Scandinavia, tourists flock to Gothenburg - Sweden's 2nd largest city - every year. Known for its vibrant food scene, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and beautiful archipelago, Gothenburg is voted a favorite destination among travelers, as well as being ranked one of the world's most sustainable cities.  The ocean is never far away, and during the summer months citizens take public transportation to the city's parks and the archipelago to relax and spend time with friends and family.

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