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Technical Center Pittsburgh is home to robotics engineers that are building some of the most sophisticated autonomous driving prototypes in the industry. 

The team develops the algorithms, software and systems solutions that enable autonomous vehicles to predict objects around them and where, as well as the software architecture that allows different modules to communicate with one another.


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Did you know

Did you know...

We’ve been doing real-world development and testing of automated vehicles, since the historic DARPA Challenges in 2004 - the birth of autonomous driving.

Pittsburgh is the birthplace of autonomous vehicle technology. The eastern part of the country is arguably becoming the heart and soul of autonomous technology development. 

Today, we are working on leveraging the sensor fusion of camera, RADAR and LiDAR data, behavioral planning algorithms that are key to the success of a Level 4/5 autonomy to move seamlessly in busy traffic and navigate complex scenarios.


Tech Center Pittsburgh


TCP, home to more than 100 engineering and robotics experts,  is motivated by the thrill and real engineering challenge of making autonomous vehicle safe and reliable. 

Here we use an agile process, as well as sprint teams to maximize diverse backgrounds and skill-sets, which efficiently solve complex engineering challenges and deliver real-world solutions.


Innovation spirit

Graduates of Carnegie Mellon University and formerly Ottomatika, Tech Center Pittsburgh is steeped in the spirit of academia, innovation and ideation.

Walk into our office, and you immediately feel the 'start up' mentality. We are dedicated to developing and delivering autonomous driving platforms to our customers. 

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