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The Aptiv Foundation, Inc. was established in 1999 as an independent, non-profit organization underscoring Aptiv’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our philanthropic approach aligns with our business objectives around the world, while helping the communities in which Aptiv operates.  The foundation seeks to connect and support women, minorities and diverse groups, through education -- being primarily in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) -- and other non-profit events.

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Our Initiatives

Global Giving

In response of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aptiv foundation made a $500,000 donation to the GlobalGiving Fund to help  some of the most vulnerable communities around the world deal with the pandemic. Click here to learn more how you can support:

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Global Giving


The Aptiv Foundation supports FIRST, an organization dedicated to inspiring youth from Pre-K through high school to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs and competitions.

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United Way  

Our concern for people extends to caring for and contributing to the vitality of the many communities in which we work and live. Aptiv has partnered with the global organization United Way for many years - we have supported multiple projects around the globe where we concentrate our actions to respond to local needs. All around us, we help change lives for good.

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United Way

2020 Partners

We’re proud to support organizations that bring about positive change for people as well as our planet, transform lives and the communities that we live in.

Winning Futures GreenLight FundGirls on the Run Detroit Symphony Orchestra

United Way

Sustainable by Design

We inspire to have a society that sees ZERO  FATALITIES, injuries and accidents as well as zero emissions to minimize the vehicle’s total lifecycle environmental  impact.  Aptiv’s technologies enable a seamless integration between the car, its passengers, and the world around it.

Aptiv is also doing its part to ensure that the products we make are of the highest quality, are manufactured responsibly and transform society, making it safer, greener and more connected.

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Conserving Water and Supporting Indigenous Communities

Mar 22, 2022, 06:57 AM
Aptiv-funded workshops teach soil and water conservation techniques to indigenous communities in Mexico.
Aptiv-funded workshops teach soil and water conservation techniques to indigenous communities in Mexico.
water conservation
water conservation
Aptiv-funded workshops teach soil and water conservation techniques to indigenous communities in Mexico.
Title : Conserving Water and Supporting Indigenous Communities
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Insight published date : Mar 22, 2022, 09:00 AM

As we pursue our mission to create a safer, greener and more connected world, we believe that how we get there is just as important as the technology we build. We know the impact fresh water has on the health of the communities in which our employees live, and that is why Aptiv takes action on conservation in water-stressed regions.  

In 2021, we donated funds to support the restoration of hydrological micro basins in Mexico’s Sierra Tarahumara region and employed two indigenous communities to plant more than 31,000 trees. We made the donation to the not-for-profit organization Pies de la Tierra AC (Feet of the Earth) through our partner United Way Chihuahua. We made this contribution during Aptiv’s fourth anniversary celebration at our technical center in Juárez, Mexico.

Aptiv staff members presenting a check for $1.6 million pesos to Pies de la Tierra.

The donation will directly support the indigenous Rarámuri communities through workshops on soil and water conservation techniques, while employing 450 local residents and preserving the region’s biodiversity. Covering 41,000 square kilometers (an area the size of Switzerland), the land feeds rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

“The community is happy, because there will be jobs and benefit for the family,” said Juan Erick González, a resident of Coyachike, Batolipas, a community that benefited from the donation.

Direct social investments are a vital part of Aptiv’s sustainability objectives, and partnering with indigenous communities ensures that such projects will have a greater impact over the long term by teaching skills that can be used for years to come. 

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