CTO Blog: You were born to move, and we were born to move you

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Glen De Vos
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Aptiv

By: Glen De Vos, Aptiv's chief technology officer

It’s a new day.

Every day, when we wake up, we all get the chance to start fresh. Sometimes we take advantage of that opportunity and seize the day – and sometimes we don’t.

Today we did.

World, I’d like to introduce you to Aptiv, a company that was born to move you. A technology company that’s moving mobility forward by designing, engineering and enabling solutions that will shape how the world will move tomorrow.

Why did we take this bold step? Well, our customers’ needs are changing, as the industry is changing – and so are we. We are adapting by positioning Aptiv to deliver end-to-end smart mobility solutions.

We are unique in that we can integrate whole systems through smart vehicle architectures – or the nervous system of the vehicle – which enables all the electrification, active safety, automation, and connectivity, driving this new mobility.

The strong global automotive sector provides a great base to our business. But the rise of new mobility companies, the move by some tech players into mobility and the ability to grow into adjacent industrial verticals all present significant growth opportunities for Aptiv. And, what is so exciting about how we have positioned this business, is that we have multiple pathways to growth and our technology portfolio appeals to a broad spectrum of new mobility players.

Aptiv was forged in the belly of a hundred years of automotive firsts, which have helped save countless lives, connected cars to the world and made our world greener. We will take all those years of grit, determination and ferocity to solve our customers’ toughest problems – and carry it forward in the light of this new day. In this world of new mobility – where competition is fierce and new entrants emerge daily, we will embrace the challenge with the understanding that it will only make all of us stronger and, smarter.

I think of Aptiv like a start-up. A one-hundred-year-old-start-up. We have the opportunity to draw upon the hard-earned wisdom of the past, and take it into this new day. With this position, comes momentum and a clear glide path. It’s like a plane taking off – we have the jet fuel, the engines are engaged, the runway is clear – so off we go, airfoil intact and strong.

It’s hard to convey the excitement I feel from our employees when I walk around our facilities and labs around the globe. They realize that we can seize upon this momentum, this unique time in history. They are highly focused on bringing autonomous vehicles, smart cities and connectivity to life – in ways only we can. The Aptiv team is ready for take-off, armed with passion and a fierce determination to succeed.

You were born to move, and we were born to move you.