Aptiv at SAE WCX in Detroit

Cybersecurity, Autonomous Regulation and Cloud Enabled Digital Services

Aptiv experts join panel discussions at WCX

Hear from Aptiv leaders Eryk Nice, Kevin Walker and Hank Skorny at SAE WCX World Congress Experience as they each join various panel discussions aimed at tackling some of the most pressing challenges regarding the future of mobility.

C2C Roundtable: What Do Autonomous Vehicles Mean for Regulation?

Speaker: Eryk Nice, Vice President of Autonomous Systems, Autonomous Mobility
April 9th 10:00 -11:10 a.m.
The Exchange (Located on the Exhibit Floor), Cobo Hall - Detroit, MI

Automated Driving Systems present many potential benefits to society but might encounter near and far-term obstacles within current U.S. regulation. New vehicle configurations, novel seating arrangements, complex sensing suites and artificial intelligence pose challenges for regulators and automakers alike. What new regulations may be needed to ensure autonomous vehicles deliver on their promise? Hear Eryk and other experts address the regulatory aspects of promising new technologies, including the international implications.

“In Boston alone, we deal with four different government agencies,” said Eryk Nice of Aptiv. “The more we can harmonize some of these requirements, the faster we can develop products.”

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C2C Roundtable: CyberSecurity, Do We Feel Good Enough to be Just A Little Paranoid?

Speaker: Kevin Walker, Vice President, Chief Product and Information Security Officer
April 9th 11:20 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
The Exchange (Located on the Exhibit Floor), Cobo Hall - Detroit, MI


Stakeholder collaboration became a major focus last year, and an increasing number of exploits from traditional IT with an impact to vehicles became known (e.g. Blueborne.  We rapidly move towards further connectivity and automation, but many security challenges remain unclear. For instance, long-term cybersecurity maintenance needs to be approached, not only for the infotainment unit but also for other components.  

C2C Roundtable: Technology Transition: Cloud and Car Enabled Digital Services

Speaker: Hank Skorny, President, Aptiv Connected Services
April 10th 2:20 – 3:20 p.m
The Exchange (Located on the Exhibit Floor), Cobo Hall - Detroit, MI

5G? V2X? Edge Computing? Where will it end for enabled digital services and connectivity? Where should we be investing our time and in which technology? How do we manage it and what are the best tools for each situation? Hank Skorny, President of Aptiv Connected Services, joins other industry experts to talk about these and other technologies that will handle the terabits of information flowing through tomorrow’s vehicles. With over 30 years of experience working at large software companies with a focus on IoT platforms, secure environments, and applications, Hank will share his thoughts on how to address the challenges in meeting the known and unknown expectations of today’s customers.

How to Attend

All three panels featuring Aptiv experts will be held in the area known as The Exchange,
which is free to enter with an Expo Only Three-Day Pass

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