Aptiv Connected Services


Putting Insights in Motion

Innovations such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), electrification and software-defined vehicle capabilities generate more data than ever. That vehicle data can be tremendously valuable — but only when paired with a cost-effective way to extract insights hidden within the data.

Aptiv Connected Services offers data acquisition and analysis solutions for pre-production and production vehicles. Our technology can help test and validate vehicles in development, reduce warranty and recall costs, lower the total cost of ownership for a fleet, and minimize vehicle downtime.

Aptiv Connect Solutions

Aptiv Connect Solutions Infographic

Proven Experience

More than 70 percent of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers rely on Aptiv for pre-production validation and testing.

Why? Unlike competing products, Aptiv Connect was built by engineers with decades of automotive experience. The result is a turnkey platform that anticipates OEMs’ needs with pre-configured settings and reports.

We’ve saved manufacturers millions of dollars by helping to prevent warranty issues. That same technology now powers second-generation tools that monitor and analyze vehicles in production and post-production.

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