The future of mobility?
It’s our move.

Open Positions

Aptiv Tech Centers


Join the dreamers who do.

Aptiv offers the unique opportunity to transform the future of mobility and to be a global leader in an industry that’s changing the world. To us, nothing is impossible when you have the people with the passion to make anything possible. 

The benefits of making mobility possible.

At Aptiv, our ideas inspire change. Our actions produce change. We make safe possible. We make green possible. We make connected possible. We deliver a better today and promise a better tomorrow. Beyond the tangible benefits of working with us, look forward to gaining and employing values that will last a lifetime.

Transform the future

Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of car accidents and fatalities. The convergence of technology and mobility will transform our world, not in some vague future, but in a matter of years. Here you will shape the future of mobility.

Be a global leader

At Aptiv, you’ll work for a company that doesn’t aim for global reach but for global leadership. As an employee, you’ll be encouraged to think in new ways. And motivated to solve the toughest challenges through innovation, collaboration and excellence.

Change the world

We roll up our sleeves, take on challenges and get things done. Experimenting, testing and growing together. As dreamers, we imagine the possibilities. As doers, we create technologies. Through global collaboration, we advance mobility, save lives and improve our planet.