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Our Story is About Shaping the Future


We believe that the power of new mobility – safer, greener and more connected – can change the world. And we know how to get it done. At Aptiv, we’re delivering the software capabilities, advanced computing platforms and networking architecture that make mobility work.

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Our History of Firsts 


Aptiv began leading the way in software and systems technologies years ago. With our rich history as a foundation, our dedicated team is uniquely capable of driving the future of mobility.

Intercable Automotive Solutions Agreement

In 2022, Aptiv signs a definitive agreement to acquire this industry-leading provider of high-voltage busbars and interconnects.

Wind River Agreement

In 2022, Aptiv announces an agreement to acquire software developer, Wind River, for its expertise in the intelligent edge computing that safety-critical systems rely on.

IPO Anniversary

In 2021, we celebrate 10 years since our initial public offering and the more than $40 billion in value we created for our shareholders.

Hyundai Partnership

In 2020, we create a joint venture with Hyundai to advance the design, development and commercialization of autonomous technologies.

Aptiv and Lyft

In 2018, we partner with Lyft to launch a fleet of 30 fully autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas.


In 2017, Aptiv emerges from the spin-off of Delphi Automotive’s powertrain segment.

Coast to Coast

In 2015, our team completes the first coast-to-coast autonomous drive.

Smart Radar

In 1999, we develop the first radar for vehicles to support adaptive cruise control.

Full of Air

In 1973, our team makes the first production airbag.

Saving Children

In 1960, we develop the first child-restraint system.

Listen Up

In 1936, we create the first in-dash radio for automobiles.

Start It

In 1911, we make the first self-starting ignition.

Beginning in 1881

Aptiv’s earliest predecessor is founded.

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