Electrical Distribution Systems

The world’s leader in electrical architectures for vehicles
We engineer and manufacture a full range of power and signal distribution systems, including the high-speed data and high-power electrical systems needed to build feature-rich, highly automated, electric vehicles.

Enabling safer, greener and more connected solutions

Signals transmission and power distribution at the right time to the right place

We have been designing electrical architectures for more than 100 years and leading the industry in the evolution of vehicle architectures.

We like to think of the electrical distribution system as a nervous system, moving power and data throughout a vehicle. High-speed data transmission systems send information from the vehicle’s eyes and ears (sensors) to the brain (computing platforms).

We bring our deep experience and systems integration expertise, whether we are building to print or providing full design services of the entire vehicle electrical architecture. We solve our customers’ most challenging problems.

Powering the EVs of Today and Tomorrow

Aptiv’s signal and power distribution solutions accelerate the electrified, automated, sustainable and software-defined future of mobility by optimizing electrical architectures in ways no one else can.

Aptiv Core Capabilities

Solving Automation’s Greatest Challenge

As OEMs automate the assembly of their vehicles, there is one element that is still not automated – and it is one of the largest and most complex. Our experts discuss how Aptiv is helping OEMs tackle this challenge.

Engineering Tomorrow’s Car

A Track Record of Innovative Technology Solutions and Systems Integration

Designing all-electric vehicles requires a fundamental rethink of all aspects of vehicle architecture. Aptiv engineers and manufactures a wide range of technologies that enable the electric vehicles being designed today, including:

  • High-voltage cabling
  • High-voltage connectors
  • Internal battery connections
  • Charging cable sets and inlets
  • Power distribution boxes and battery disconnect units
aptiv expertize in eds systems

Systems Expertise

It’s much more than the sum of parts

Aptiv’s expertise in software, electronics design, and system architecture optimization uniquely positions us to provide solutions across the spectrum of architecture types. We provide analytical tools and services that include:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) experts, EMC chambers and a unique design and testing approach to ensure that electrical components don’t interfere with other vehicle systems
  • Aptiv’s Velocity Tool Suite, software that predicts and improves electrical system reliability and enables the optimization needed for Smart Vehicle ArchitectureTM

Global Footprint

Serving our Customers where they need us to be

We partner with our customers to help them make architecture decisions that reduce costs while providing the safety and features they need.

Our resident engineers work closely with customers to optimize their electrical distribution designs. We manage design changes from technology innovation – production and process – to quality manufacturing.

With our 52 manufacturing plants worldwide and 34 dedicated technical centers, Aptiv EDS’s global footprint allows us to deliver a consistent product and service offering in all regions, close to our customers.

Unique Worldwide Capabilities

Shape the Future of Mobility

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