Innovation in Motion

Aptiv experts provide a look at our latest technology advancements and what they mean for the future of mobility.

A Look Ahead

Aptiv’s technology leaders recently highlighted groundbreaking innovations, describing how the technologies will grow and evolve to enable the software-defined vehicles of the future. Watch the full replay below, skip to individual chapters or explore interviews with our experts:

Full Replay: Aptiv’s 2021 Innovation in Motion Online Event


Across Aptiv’s product lines, our engineers have been developing solutions that push the envelope to enable a safer, greener and more connected future of mobility. Get full details on our next-generation ADAS Platform, our latest high-voltage innovations, our in-cabin user experience solutions, and more components that make Smart Vehicle Architecture possible.

Innovation Spotlights

Don’t want to watch the full replay? Check out these chapters focused on specific technologies.


Chapter 1: Smart Vehicle Architecture

Smart Vehicle Architecture is a vehicle-level design philosophy that leverages Aptiv’s unique position with both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle. It simplifies design, invites innovation, enables automation and provides fail-operational performance where required. Our experts explain how all of Aptiv’s solutions are connected to SVA.


Chapter 2: Introducing Aptiv’s Next-Gen ADAS Platform

Aptiv has created a next-generation ADAS platform that draws and our strengths and experience in developing advanced safety systems for a variety of platforms. CTO Glen De Vos gives a high-level overview.


Chapter 3: ADAS Platform: Sensors and Machine Learning

Aptiv proudly announces two new families of radar, extending capabilities in forward-facing radars and in corner/side radars. Coupled with machine learning, these radars are capable of dramatically improving perception.


Chapter 4: ADAS Platform: Enabling the Software-Defined Vehicle

With its model of continuous integration and continuous deployment, Aptiv’s ADAS Platform provides an open development environment and supports software updates over time.


Chapter 5: Zone Control

Zone controllers reduce the weight, size and cost of elements of a vehicle’s electrical architecture. Our experts share the data.


Chapter 6: Accelerating High Voltage

Aptiv knows that speed to market is critical for our customers. Our experts detail examples of how we have been able to meet customers’ high-voltage needs in an accelerated way.


Chapter 7: Aptiv's Newest High Voltage Interconnects

Aptiv is excited to announce a family of high-voltage interconnects that handle high levels of power, improve life projections and maintain a compact design that reduces mass and cost.


Chapter 8: Enhancing the In-Cabin User Experience

Aptiv’s next-generation user-experience platform takes a highly centralized a software-defined approach, providing the most powerful, comprehensive in-cabin user experience available.

Innovation in Motion

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Our experts had more to share. In this series of interviews, they dig deeper to explain the trends behind the technologies discussed in the Innovation in Motion event.

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