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Democratizing solutions which enable a society that sees zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents

We Are the Leader in Making Safe Mobility Real

Flexible and scalable advanced safety solutions on the path to automated driving

Aptiv has been a leader in advanced safety for over 20 years. We were the first to deploy radar on a vehicle in 1999 for Adaptive Cruise Control. Since then, we’ve had many other industry firsts, which are helping the industry realize safer and more convenient mobility solutions.

Aptiv's flexible and scalable solutions are helping to accelerate the adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) globally, enabling new functionality with maximum reuse. For example, our award winning Satellite Architecture solution takes the intelligence out of the sensor and centralizes it into one of Aptiv's powerful domain controllers, increasing performance, reuse and updatability, while reducing sensor mass.

Our expertise in central compute platforms, sensing and perception systems, and high-speed, high-reliability power and data distribution is helping us deliver smarter, safer and more integrated solutions, both outside the vehicle with advanced active safety systems – as well as in the cabin through enhanced user experiences.


Advanced Software and Architectures Enabling New Mobility Solutions


Software Enabled Solutions

Active Safety

Active Safety

Active Safety Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance

Active Safety Automated Driving

Automated Driving

Scalable Hardware

Active Safety Scalable Platforms

Scalable Platforms

Active Safety Signal & Power Distribution

Signal & Power Distribution

Sensing and perception

Active Safety Vision, LiDAR and Sensor Fusion

Vision, LiDAR and Sensor Fusion

Active Safety Radar


Active Safety Interior Sensing

Interior Sensing

Pushing the Boundaries of Perception

Hear from our technology leaders as they unveil our latest achievements in radar, the SRR6 and FLR4 families.
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aptiv solution stack enables advances safety

Our Primary Focus? Safety.

Democratizing advanced safety technology

  • At Aptiv, we envision a future with zero road injuries or fatalities. To help us get there, active safety plays a crucial role by preventing the accident altogether.
  • In a world in which 94% of accidents are a result of driver error, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can help avoid an accident entirely.
  • Mobility should be safer for everyone. Democratization of safe mobility solutions means that advanced safety features such as autonomous emergency braking or lane departure / blind spot warnings are broadly available, not restricted to premium vehicles.
  • Aptiv's next generation of sensors will apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Low Level Fusion capabilities to further enhance the performance gains from continued hardware improvements – all of which is helping Aptiv to democratize this life saving technology.
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Our Primary Focus? Safety
Scalable Safety Solutions

Scalable Safety Solutions

Aptiv’s Automated Driving Satellite Compute Platform

  • The rapid growth in software-enabled functionality is driving an immediate need for significantly more powerful compute. Today’s vehicles are computers on wheels, running over 10x the amount of software code as the average smartphone and they have to be a lot more reliable too.
  • Aptiv leads the market in bringing smart, scalable and optimized solutions to customers.
  • Aptiv has been recognized by Automotive News as a 2019 PACE Award winner for its Automated Driving Satellite Compute Platform. While typical vehicle architectures have a distributed intelligence through multiple electronic control units, Aptiv’s compute platform is taking as much processing and electronics out of individual sensors as possible and centralizing, making them smaller, more cost efficient, lighter and easier to package in a vehicle.
  • Combining our powerful central compute platforms with the most advanced data and power distribution networks in the industry, we have assembled an unprecedented portfolio of product offerings that support both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle.
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Leader in Sensing and Perception


  • We were the first to deploy radar on a vehicle in 1999 for Adaptive Cruise Control. Since that time we have made tremendous leaps, such as being the first to introduce solid state radar on a vehicle, which vastly improved reliability and lowered cost.
  • Today, we are an industry leader in radar, which is a proven, capable and cost effective sensing modality. Radars reliability across a wide range of environmental conditions, as well as advantages in packaging and integration, make it a sensor of choice for automotive applications.
  • Aptiv is also a leader in Sensor Fusion. By combining a wide array of satellite sensor inputs - including vision and LiDAR - through Aptiv’s low level fusion, we create a robust model of the environment around the vehicle.
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Leader in Sensing and Perception

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