Taking it to the streets with Transdev

There are lots of great ideas out there that never see the light of day. Innovation without execution is like a flag without a pole. Flags can be powerful and beautiful and dance in the wind, but not without a pole upon which they can be hoisted. 

At Delphi, we have been focused on finding the right partners with whom to work to make our innovations come to life. In the case of our automated driving platform, Centralized Sensing, Localization and Planning (CSLP), which we have developed with Mobileye and Intel, we have been searching for a commercial partner to literally take this idea to the streets. In this case, the first streets, it turns out, will be French. 

We just announced a commercial partnership with Transdev, a leading global provider of mobility services in urban and suburban areas – they operate everything from taxis to ferries and the infrastructure upon which they run. Transdev will be a key enabler for us to broaden our markets and initial points of entry for our CSLP platform and programs like automated mobility-on-demand (AMoD). 

There is a saying in French, “Qui n’avance pas, recule” which means, “Who does not move forward, recedes.” And, at Delphi, we have taken that to heart – we keep moving forward. This time, with Transdev. 

We have long held the belief that the first adoption of automated vehicles will come in the form of commercial AMoD applications and thus, have built our go-to-market strategy around this premise. The pilots that we will conduct with Transdev are additional proof points that we are on target with our strategy. 

Together, we will collaborate on pilot programs in Paris-Saclay and Rouen (Normandy) France. This will be the first EU driverless, on-demand mobility service on an open road. Transdev has initiated an autonomous on-demand mobility service program in Normandy this year. The collaboration with Delphi will allow the two groups to jointly test the entire system: dispatch, remote control-command and vehicles, and test the sensor architecture and intelligence for driverless last-mile and door-to-door transportation service with the next phase, including a commercial service. 

In Paris-Saclay, Transdev and Delphi will collaborate on the development of a first mile, last-mile, on-demand solution between a conventional railway station and the Paris-Saclay plateau and campus. 

This real-world adaptation of our technology with Transdev, a massive global operator of public transportation systems, will mean an acceleration of commercial viable automated vehicle solutions. We could not be more excited about raising the flag with them.
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