The Link Between Brain and Nervous System


Just as a neuron is the basic working unit of the human brain and nervous system, zone control solutions sit at the intersection of the vehicle brain and nervous system. They transmit critical data from sensors and peripherals while delivering power to systems throughout the vehicle in a highly optimized and cost-effective way.

All Shapes and Sizes  

Zone Controllers Flexibly Meet OEM Needs

With a few strategically placed zone controllers, OEMs can reduce complexity and costs while putting in place important elements of Smart Vehicle Architecture™ systems. As power and data hubs, zone controllers enable:

  • Reduced complexity. Breaking apart the physical complexity of the vehicle simplifies manufacturing while enabling automation to ensure quality and lower cost, while up-integration of distributed ECUs allows feature consolidation.
  • Intelligent power management. Zone controllers manage power distribution throughout a vehicle centrally through smart fusing, which allows more optimized wiring and better control than traditional melting fuses.
  • Predictive maintenance. Aptiv’s software can detect when the wire attached to a zone controller is close to failing and pass that information back to a central system, stopping problems before they affect vehicle operation. 

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Zone controllers meet oem needs

Part of Smart Vehicle Architecture™

ACROSS ALL VEHICLE SEGMENTS, from today’s vehicles to tomorrow’s

By separating I/O from compute, zone controllers deliver one of the key benefits of SVA™. Instead of each sensor and actuator running data lines to an active safety domain controller, the zone controller aggregates the data onto a single high-speed interface. 

In other words, the zone controllers handle the I/O, allowing the central compute to focus on software-enabled features. Developers can use Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS platform and other domain systems to create new features on independent development cycles.

As part of SVA™, zone controllers also simplify the electrical and electronic architecture, allowing more automated assembly of wiring harnesses and reducing costs.

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Zone Controller Portfolio

Aptiv offers scalable and modular platform designs with best-in-class computing performance.

Features/ Capability
2k -16k
Flash Memory
Up to 20MB
Available on high-end variant (hardware hypervisor)
Low Latency Gateway
Up to 20 CAN and 28 LIN
Up to 2.5G bit/sec Ethernet (up to 7 ports)
200+ (Configurable per customer requirements)
Up to ASIL-D

The Big Picture

Aptiv recognized the need for zone controllers because we have a unique view of the vehicle brain and nervous system through our experience with the full electrical and electronic architecture. We understand the challenges that emerge as OEMs build software-defined vehicles and enable autonomous mobility, and will continue to develop innovations like zone controllers to meet those challenges.