Innovation In Motion Videos

In our 2021 Kickoff Event, Aptiv's technology leaders highlight groundbreaking innovations and describe how the technologies will grow and evolve to enable the software-defined vehicles of the future.

Watch the full replay below or view individual sections from the event.

Full Replay: Aptiv’s 2021 Innovation in Motion Online Event


Never has Aptiv’s mission of delivering sustainable mobility solutions had more meaning for our society than it does today. 2020 led to a re-evaluation of how each of us views safety, efficiency, comfort and convenience. As a result, the need for Innovation in Motion has never been greater – not simply developing solutions that work in the lab, but also collaborating with our OEM customers to ensure they can apply them to the road.


Section 1: Enabling the Software Defined Vehicle with Smart Vehicle Architecture™

Smart Vehicle Architecture™ is a vehicle-level design philosophy that leverages Aptiv’s unique position with both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle, and our equally unique understanding of the challenges caused by the complexity of today’s vehicle architectures. Its simplified architecture design invites innovation, enables automation and provides fail-operational performance where required, while reducing total cost of ownership.


Section 2: Aptiv Introduces Next-Gen ADAS Platform for Highly Automated and Electrified Vehicles

Aptiv’s next-generation ADAS platform draws on our decades of experience creating advanced safety solutions, and represents a vital part of the SVA vision for software-defined vehicles. OEMs can use the ADAS platform to grow capabilities over time in a model of continuous integration and continuous deployment, improving the consumer experience with every refresh.


Section 3: Aptiv Leverages Unique Brain and Nervous System Portfolio to
Optimize Vehicle Architecture with New Zone Controllers

By separating I/O from compute, and enabling the up-integration of single function ECUs, Aptiv zone controllers support some of the key benefits of Smart Vehicle Architecture™. Instead of each sensor and actuator running data lines to an active safety domain controller, the zone controller aggregates the data onto a single high-speed interface.


Section 4: Accelerating High Voltage Electrification

As drivers demand more range and faster charging from their electric vehicles, the batteries and conductors must grow larger and heavier. To offset this challenge, Aptiv is launching our new family of High Voltage Interconnects that free up space and reduce mass throughout the vehicle.


Section 5: Enhancing the In-Cabin User Experience

Consumers expectations are driving demand for more intelligent, integrated and connected solutions. Aptiv has the architecture vision and technical capabilities to help OEMs meet these expectations and support them in developing user experiences for their customers, with ways of working aligned to their individual strategies and capabilities.