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Aptiv Connect


Aptiv Connect provides organizations throughout the transportation industry with the data-driven insights they need to improve their business. Built on the Aptiv Connect Platform, these solutions ingest rich vehicle data from our Dynamic Edge and transform it into actionable information in real time.
Find out how Aptiv Connect can help you decrease costs, optimize operations, and unlock new value streams.

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Aptiv Connect Quality


Aptiv Connect Quality helps the world’s top vehicle manufacturers quickly identify and resolve issues. From pre-production engineering and validation through manufacturing and in-market vehicles, this complete solution has helped OEMs save millions.

  • Shave months off warranty resolution time.
  • Improve vehicle quality by analyzing more data signals at higher sample rates.
  • Decrease costs associated with recalls and repairs.
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Aptiv Connect Quality
Aptiv Connect Fleet

Aptiv Connect Fleet


Increase your vehicle uptime while minimizing costs. Aptiv Connect Fleet’s real-time monitoring and advanced analytics give you deeper insight into vehicle health than you’ve ever had before.

  • Decrease total cost of ownership by performing maintenance as necessary rather than as recommended based on odometer readings.
  • Get advance notification about upcoming necessary repairs before you see a warning light.
  • Monitor driver behavior like sudden stops, hard acceleration, or lane changes.
  • See what your drivers see with optional video feeds.
  • Enable preventative maintenance strategies throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.
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Your Applications


With Aptiv Connect, you can also build your own applications on our secure platform. The transportation industry is shifting away from one-time purchases towards vehicle sharing, data-driven services, and recurring revenue-generation opportunities. Aptiv Connect can help you accelerate your participation in new opportunities.

  • Establish business partnerships that provide value for customers and generate revenue.
  • Offer existing vehicle owners the ability to add new features, like in-vehicle Wi-Fi and remote lock.
  • Improve customer connection through custom portals.
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Aptiv Connect Fleet
Deep-Industry Expertise

Deep-Industry Expertise

Unlike competing products, Aptiv Connect was built by engineers with decades of experience in the connectivity industry. The result is a turnkey platform that anticipates users’ needs with pre-configured settings and reports. You’ll spend a lot less time setting up your analytics tools, so you’ll have more time to spend doing your job.

Cloud-Enabled Edge

By processing data in the vehicle, you can analyze many more data points and transmit only the insights that data provides to the cloud in real time. Providing you with the right data at the right time.

Cloud-Enabled Edge
Proven Experience

Proven Experience

Leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world have used Aptiv Connect to test and validate pre-production vehicles and components. We’ve saved them millions of dollars by helping to prevent future warranty issues. That same technology now powers second-generation tools used to monitor and analyze vehicles in production and post-production. Find out how we can help you monetize your vehicle data.

Dedicated Engineering Support

With Aptiv Connect, you not only get a full, integrated technology stack for analyzing data, you also get access to our team of customer success engineers (CSEs ). These CSEs understand the intricacies of vehicle acquisition and analytics on a deep level, and they work very closely with our manufacturing partners on a daily basis to ensure that the platform is solving your business problems and maximizing its value for our customers.

Cloud-Enabled Edge
Data Science and Monetization Opportunities

Data Science and Monetization Opportunities

Manufacturers, fleet SaaS providers, suppliers, fleet operators, and other organizations are only beginning to realize the vast opportunities for transforming their data into value. Our team of data scientists and consultants can help you find new ways to use data to transform and grow your business.

Global Capability

You can deploy Aptiv Connect anywhere in the world. We support customers around the globe from our international facilities. And spotty cell coverage is no problem as our platform is designed to deal with intermittent data connections.

Global Capability



Aptiv Connect Platform is an end-to-end vehicle data platform with integrated hardware and software that helps manufacturers, suppliers, fleet managers, and other organizations capitalize on this opportunity.

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Our Industries


Aptiv Connect keeps costs affordable by transmitting only the most valuable data — only the data that provides value for you. It’s infinitely configurable and opens the door to new business opportunities. Our proven technology has already helped manufacturers dramatically reduce their warranty costs. Let us show you how you can unlock new value streams from your connected vehicle data today.

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