Aptiv Connect


Aptiv Connect Qualifier 

Aptiv’s pre-production vehicle validation and analytics solution dramatically reduces the time it takes to find and fix vehicle problems, helping manufacturers save millions of dollars.

Manufacturers can choose among Aptiv’s EP-2000, EP-1000 and EP-600 hardware, coupled with Connect Edge software and the Aptiv Connect Qualifier web application to bring all the data together. Optional features include Command Center fleet management, a 4-Camera Video Solution, the AC-Dash Android tablet app, Environmental Insights to incorporate road and weather data, Ingest to integrate data from other data loggers, and the complete Aptiv Connect Qualifier ADAS solution .


Diagram presenting data flow
Aptiv Connect Pro data flow diagram

Aptiv Connect Pro

Aptiv’s intelligent vehicle data acquisition and analytics solution for commercial vehicles helps fleet owners reduce costs and keep drivers on the road. It includes Aptiv EP-150 hardware with Connect Edge software, the Edge Builder analytics and re-configuration engine, and the Fleet Insights application, which is powered by more than 50 analytics models across five solution areas (vehicle weight/operations, vehicle health, diagnostics, fuel efficiency, and safety).

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Aptiv Connect Warranty

Aptiv’s post-production vehicle data solution for manufacturers captures data and identifies issues before they affect the customer, reducing warranty and exposure risk. Aptiv Connect Warranty couples the validation expertise of Aptiv Connect Qualifier with the scale of the post-production analytics of Aptiv Connect Pro to deliver value for OEMs.

Aptiv Connect Warranty