Climate Force 2041 Antarctica

ClimateForce Antarctica 2018:

Robert Swan, one of history’s greatest explorers made an expedition to the South Pole with his son Barney, on a mission known as the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC) in November 2017. They used this expedition as a platform for engagement and hope to challenge and inspire people to make measurable changes to how they use energy in their businesses, communities, and lifestyles. 

Starting February 25, 2018, they will join forces with The Explorer’s Passage, a pioneer in adventure travel to Antarctica. Aligning vision and passions, the mission is to unite organizations, educators, and technology innovators who seek to protect our world and create a more sustainable, clean energy future. 

Aptiv employee, Aldo Gomez, will spend 2 weeks in Antarctica, joining the Climate Force this year. 

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“If you’re going to inspire people to change their ways, you’re going to need a story.”  

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Follow Aldo's journey!

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Day 0. Preparations

February 25th Aldo started his journey to the South Pole as part of the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition. Aldo is Aptiv's global director for Environmental, Health and Safety. Read our story


ClimateForce 2018: Day 1

Aldo Gomez, Aptiv's global director for Environmental, Health and Safety, starts his journey to the South Pole as part of the Climate Force: Antarctica 2018 expedition. Read our story

ClimateForce 2018: Day 2ClimateForce 2018: Day 2

ClimateForce 2018: Day 2

Heading South to Antarctica towards the Drake Passage. The Drake Passage has a reputation of being some of the roughest waters in the world. It will be a two day journey until we see our first sights of Antarctica. Read our story


ClimateForce 2018: Day 3

Aldo weathered the storms at sea on his journey through the Drake Passage. His sights are set on calmer waters and spotting the first iceberg! Stay tuned as Aldo reaches Antarctica...

ClimateForce 2018: Day 4ClimateForce 2018: Day 4

ClimateForce 2018: Day 4

After three days at sea, surviving two storms and the bumpy Drake Passage we are finally back on land! We've reached Antarctica witnessing our first set of penguins and seals. Read our story


ClimateForce 2018: Day 5

Aldo's journey continues on the Fish Islands with 90 people from 20 different countries learning about our environmental impact and working towards saving Antarctica. Watch Aldo's experience.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 6ClimateForce 2018: Day 6

ClimateForce 2018: Day 6

Morning zodiac cruising through the icebergs brought us incredible views and the opportunity to see the penguin colony. After the exploratory voyage we've landed on Petersman's Island where we heard from our keynote speakers who are passionate about climate change. Stay tuned for more updates!. Read our story

ClimateForce 2018: Day 7ClimateForce 2018: Day 4

ClimateForce 2018: Day 7

Our leader and polar explorer, Robert Swan said:
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."  Read our story

ClimateForce 2018: Day 8ClimateForce 2018: Day 8

ClimateForce 2018: Day 8

Driving with the zodiac, we’ve had the opportunity to see the amazing colors of the icebergs combined with blue shades of the sea and the Antarctica sky. It’s been an eye-opening experience, especially for our Youth Climate Force Ambassadors who are with us on this expedition. These teenagers are going to be different people with a different perspective on our environment after exploring this beautiful continent.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 9ClimateForce 2018: Day 9

ClimateForce 2018: Day 9

Day 9 Antarctica teaches you to be humble. The scale of everything here shows us how small we are on the large scale of things. Rob and Barney Swan both exemplify that humility and we are all learning from their experiences and Antarctica's environmental impact.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 10ClimateForce 2018: Day 10

ClimateForce 2018: Day 10

We are grateful for these two days that we have on the Drake Passage to reflect on all the things we've learned and experienced. We will never forget Antarctica's majesty. We slowly head back to Ushuaia and hope for calm waters.


ClimateForce 2018: Day 11

In addition to seeing the beauty of Antarctica and understanding the effects of climate change, We also had the opportunity to learn from fellow leaders on public speaking and strategic thinking.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 12ClimateForce 2018: Day 12

ClimateForce 2018: Day 12

We're back on land in Ushuaia! On our voyage back we've had the chance to think of tangible ways to lower our CO2 footprint, focus on how we can incorporate sustainability into our daily lives and reflect on the trip overall.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 13ClimateForce 2018: Day 13

ClimateForce 2018: Day 13

The change of scenery is quite different after 12 days in Antarctica. Coming back to reality with traffic, noise and pollution is shocking. We experienced the power of nature throughout our expedition and realized the importance of incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our lives.

ClimateForce 2018: Day 14ClimateForce 2018: Day 14

ClimateForce 2018: Day 14

Thank you for following us on this journey. The Antarctica expedition might be over, but the real work is just beginning!

Ask Aldo

Aldo answers questions from Aptiv employees about his journey:

While representing Aptiv at the 2017 corporate eco-forum annual leadership retreat, Aldo learned about the ClimateForce challenge and was inspired by the 600-mile journey to the South Pole. During his two week trek to the end of the Earth, Aldo will not only learn how to survive in the Arctic, he’ll also receive training on leadership and strategic thinking on our environmental impact.

SPEC stands for South Pole Energy Challenge. It describes the expedition of Robert & Barney Swan who reached the South Geographic Pole. Their mission was to conduct a polar expedition entirely on renewable energy.


The main goal of the challenge is to clean up 326 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025.



Aptiv's efforts

GHG (Greenhouse Gas)
(CO2 emissions in tons / employee)

-130 kg / per employee

(thousand liters / employee)

-270 L / per employee

(kilograms / employee)

-4.3 kg / per employee

Aptiv is listed on the most prestigious extra-financial rating agencies and third party ratings.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes:
Listed on the North America index since 2016

Carbon Disclosure Project:
Volunteer respondent to the climate investor carbon and water reporting since 2012

Gold rating, and in the top 3% of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis in the category of "automotive parts and accessories manufacturers"