Aptiv Commercial Vehicles

The revolution starts here. Aptiv's proven technology solutions and integration expertise are enabling safe mobility for commercial vehicles.


CVs drive the future

CVs are the economic backbone of the markets they serve. And in this role, OEMs and fleet operators need sustainable solutions to stay ahead of new regulatory frameworks and benefit from the improved economy, efficiency and productivity.

The Edge-Enabled Cloud

Safer, greener and more connected future 

The megatrends already transforming the automotive industry are now having a similar impact in the CV (commercial vehicle) market. Authorities worldwide are seeking to deliver dramatic improvements in safety and connectivity, as well as steep reductions in CO2 emissions and the air pollution caused by conventionally powered vehicles.

Focus on Electrification

Aptiv has invested in high-voltage manufacturing to support our global customers. We have global electrification design and manufacturing in all regions and offer research and development, product engineering, prototyping and production manufacturing as well as testing and validation. We offer early architecture optimization to improve overall cost and assembly. 


We understand the Commercial Vehicle industry

Commercial vehicles have always played a critical role in the smooth running of the economy and, indeed, society as a whole. Now that contribution is expanding to the pursuit of a safer and more sustainable future. As a key player in the commercial vehicle space for more than 20 years, Aptiv continues to leverage its technologies and experience to bring safety and connectivity to commercial vehicles.

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