A Safe, Intelligent User Experience with MLD® Displays

Delphi’s MLD display user experience combines intelligent information delivery with time-sensitive safety benefits further improving the user experience. 

Here’s how: 
Improved driver’s reaction time: depth cues provide an increased level of urgency, improved change detection and directing of attention for improved reaction time. Examples: speed warning signs, traffic sign recognition. 

Quicker comprehension: each of the two layers can be used to provide unique display content allowing contextual linkage between the layers and quicker comprehension of simple, dynamic information presented across both displays. Examples: map and turn-by-turn direction information can be viewed in a complementary way that allows quicker comprehension.

Minimizes drivers’ eyes-off-the road time: MLD enables contextual views with driver focus by clearly highlighting important information. The driver is easily able to process critical information presented in the front layer while having additional content with information in the back layer. The display content can be dynamically linked between the two layers providing additional insight for the driver. Examples: points-of-interest such as gas stations can be highlighted on the top layer with the contextual map on the bottom level allowing the driver to select a gas station with the lowest price and then have the others fall off.

Decreases “change blindness,” which finds that people are less likely to notice subtle changes in visual stimuli: The 3D experience is more effective in drawing attention to the change as the 3D experience provides twice the real estate allowing for functional safety requirements to be met, while making additional surface area available to vehicle designers.