Building Trust in Driverless Vehicles

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Kevin P. Clark
President and Chief Executive Officer

Today our autonomous driving joint venture with Hyundai Motor Group announced its new name and brand identity: Motional.

Motional connects two words: motion and emotional. Motion speaks to the movement of driverless vehicles enabled by the company’s technology, supported by decades of experience moving the industry forward. Emotional evokes the company’s people-first approach and focus on building confidence in autonomous vehicles.

Learn more about Motional in this video.


In the automotive industry, two things are critical: innovation and trust. You cannot have one without the other.

While Motional continues its progress developing and commercializing a production-ready autonomous driving system, Aptiv will help pave the way for self-driving vehicles with our advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) solutions that save lives today and create trust in highly automated vehicles.

This is important work. As vehicles with Level 2+ functionality become available, consumers for the first time will witness their vehicles drive without their hands on the wheel, park themselves, and see what drivers may have missed. We cannot underestimate the positive impact these active safety systems will have on all road users, and how important it is that we establish consumer trust in these advanced systems.

For highly automated vehicles to take hold, we as an industry must ensure our technologies are built, tested, and validated to the highest safety standards. We also must educate consumers on what driver-assistance features do and the role they must play.

As the leader in ADAS technology, Aptiv is committed to providing our OEM partners with a safe and scalable platform on which they can innovate, as well as educating consumers, advocacy groups, and policymakers on how this advanced technology is helping to save and improve lives.

This is truly an exciting time for our industry, our company, and our joint venture Motional. Together, we will move mobility forward and realize our shared goal of enabling a safe, green, connected, and accessible future. #ItsOurMove


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