CVC Earns Aptiv’s 25th Automotive News PACE Award

Aptiv this week was named a 2022 PACE Award winner for its central vehicle controller (CVC), a fundamental element of Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ approach that makes software-defined vehicles possible.

Considered an industry benchmark for innovation, the Automotive News PACE Awards recognize automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance. Aptiv has won a PACE Award in 25 of the 28 years that the publication has held the event.

"As a global technology company with both the brain and nervous system of the vehicle, we are honored to be recognized for our central vehicle controller," said Glen De Vos, Aptiv's senior vice president, chief technology officer and president of Advanced Safety & User Experience. "We believe the software-defined vehicle has the power to unlock tremendous innovation and value for our industry, and the CVC is essential to enabling that."

The CVC represents the critical layer that bridges the digital world with the analog world, translating the decisions made by the software into actions carried out by the vehicle systems quickly and efficiently.

Importantly, the CVC plays a key role in abstracting signal-oriented communications with individual devices throughout a vehicle and transforms them into services that software can use to easily implement functions. This architecture frees software developers from the minutiae of signal communications and enables them to innovate in exciting new ways.

The CVC is also an important step in the evolution of zonal architectures, which are being embraced by a growing number of OEMs. The CVC acts as a master of zone controllers, coordinating actions throughout the vehicle.

Aptiv’s decades of experience give us a unique perspective into what technologies are required to make a safer, greener and more connected future a reality, and do so cost-effectively and at scale. Our SVA™ approach, which the CVC supports, is the embodiment of that vision.

Find out more about how the CVC accomplishes its groundbreaking innovations in our white paper.

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