Let’s Connect on Connected Services

It’s no secret, connectivity and the resulting data, is a driving force for change in our industry.

When connected throughout its lifecycle, the product has a digital link its entire existence - from design through engineering and manufacturing right through its use and service. With this permanent feedback loop established, OEMs can stop problems before vehicles hit the road and fix them quickly if they do.

Fast forward in the future to automated mobility on demand, and you have vehicles connected to each other and to the surrounding ecosystem. So, it’s not just the car anymore, it’s so much more.

Think about it… As the vehicle becomes the largest source of data worldwide, it is critical that the appropriate data be analyzed in real-time in order to enable autonomous vehicles, mobility on demand services and the emerging data marketplace. By being connected, vehicles are beginning to interact with our world in a way that will transform our lives.

What does that all really mean? It means there will be a massive amount of data that needs to be quickly and securely distributed.

Aptiv’s configurable, software platform solves for this by combining Edge computing, over-the-air updates, security and a data marketplace.

How does the Aptiv Connected Services platform work?
A Level 4 automated vehicle can generate up to 40 terabytes of raw data an hour. Moving that amount of data out of the vehicle is unrealistic, as it would cost approximately $150,000 an hour to transmit. While all 40 terabytes are critical information to the various vehicle systems, only a small portion has value outside of the vehicle.

Aptiv’s Edge computing aggregates and analyzes data at the edge of the network in real-time. It then selects only the critical data and delivers it in the form of valuable insights and analysis, instead of simply the raw data. Saving time and money.

Without the burden of unnecessary data, Aptiv’s system can effectively manage vehicle data and apps, including analytics, operations, software updates, high-definition mapping, scheduling, payments, visualization, city management, diagnostics and much more.

Aptiv’s Edge software and Mobility Cloud ensures optimal vehicle performance throughout its lifecycle.

So what does this all mean?
Vehicle owners get data monitoring and over-the-air (OTA) software updates to prevent vehicle problems before they happen. If they opt-in to share data, they also receive third-party retail offers, incentives and discounts through an online marketplace. Automakers receive valuable, analyzed data, securely transmitted, to mitigate costly recalls.

Translation, customers will be more satisfied with their vehicles and the surrounding service.

Win, win. 

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