Pay Attention

Enhanced Interior Sensing Solution Delivers the Next Level of Advanced Safety

Our lives are progressively getting busier. Our cognitive load, heavier. Distractions, all the more present. And while your mind wandering at your desk is one thing, doing it inside a vehicle is another. Being engaged should be a priority. Safety should be priority number one.

Early interior sensing technologies, like driver presence and drowsiness, can respond with seat vibrations or alerts. But what if you were physically present, but mentally zoned out? Your mind somewhere else, not focused on the road?

Today, we announced a commercial partnership between Aptiv and Affectiva, a Boston-based MIT Media Lab spin-off, to further strengthen our perception capabilities for advanced safety applications by delivering Human Perception Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can identify, in real-time, complex cognitive states of vehicle occupants.

Aptiv, an industry leader in higher-level active safety solutions, is committed to bringing advanced technologies, like Affectiva’s, into the vehicle to enhance the user experience today, and ready the industry for the next generation of functionality and features. This partnership will extend Aptiv’s leadership position in perception systems by complementing our portfolio of enhanced in-cabin sensing capabilities.

Just as perception and detection of objects outside the vehicle are critical enablers of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), our in-cabin scalable solutions enable us to accelerate interior sensing advanced feature development to a future state of understanding and predicting intent – critical building blocks in a semi- or fully-autonomous world.

Aptiv’s sensing technology measures subtle changes in eye movement and facial expression, which help indicate readiness. Through deep learning architectures and the largest dataset of human perception AI, the technology moves beyond classification and manages overall occupant engagement within safe operating boundaries by taking preventive actions – reducing HMI content, minimizing distractions – and safely adjust the in-cabin experience.

Integrating Affectiva’s deep learning-based software into Aptiv’s connected vehicle platform enable’s OEMs, on-demand mobility providers, and fleet management companies to build intelligent vehicles that understand every facet of the human experience within a vehicle.

Our primary focus will always be on safety. On the path to mobility, this is just one example of the market driving demand for a larger safety feature suite. And it’s through ongoing collaboration with our customers, partners and universities that will help to drive the industry forward and deliver these advancements, so everyone can reach their destination safely.