Standardization Enables Broad Cooperation in Vehicle Development

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Florian Baumann
Senior Director of Product Management, Middleware & DevOps

Automotive development has emerged from its hardware-centric past. Today it is software that defines the most differentiating vehicle features, including driver assistance, infotainment, connectivity and automated driving. Just like many different suppliers contribute physical components to a single vehicle, it will take many partners and suppliers to create the complex software needed to run vehicles in the future.

Common standards will play an important role in achieving that level of collaboration. When properly implemented, standards allow different teams and companies to more easily integrate software into the overall code base and perform automated testing. Standards speed up development, reduce errors and enable timely updates before and after production begins.

Many OEMs now recognize the value of standardization for software interoperability, continuous integration, accelerated development and code quality. However, the industry has hurdles to overcome to fully realize its benefits.

Standardization is occurring at several levels, including APIs, software components, overall frameworks and software development practices. For a deep dive into each of these areas, read our white paper.

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