The Future of Automotive Data Connectivity

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Mika Arpe
Director, Global Product Line Cluster – Specialty Products

Today’s vehicles can sense the world around them and take actions based on what they perceive. They can deliver safety, comfort, convenience, and communication to drivers and passengers in ways that have never been done before. And every year they get better at it.

But vehicles cannot do any of that without the right data connectivity, the vehicle’s “nervous system” linking the various sensors and actuators throughout the vehicle to the “brain” of the vehicle’s compute platforms. As the sensors and compute become more sophisticated and vehicles become more software defined, bandwidth requirements for those data connections are rapidly increasing beyond the capabilities of traditional automotive networks.

The industry has seen explosions of data before — in data centers, in offices and in homes — and can leverage lessons learned over decades for the relatively new challenge of defining data networks for automotive applications. But vehicles have unique needs, and accounting for those needs in the safest and most cost-effective way will lay the groundwork for even greater innovation.

In this white paper, learn about the latest developments in in-vehicle data connectivity, from advances in Automotive Ethernet to the connectors designed specifically for automotive applications.

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