Aptiv Launches New Advanced Technology on Buick GL8 Avenir

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David Paja
Senior Vice President and President, Advanced Safety & User Experience

Earlier this week, SAIC-GM launched the all-new Buick GL8 Avenir in China. The Buick GL8 Avenir is a leading platform for innovation in China, which the automaker says has 20 advanced intelligent driving features that support “the highest level of safety, with an ASIL D rating, and allows software OTA updates to an even higher level of driver assistance functions.” Moreover, SAIC-GM stated that the Buick GL8 Avenir’s ADAS system provides “a safer, more reliable and more intelligent driving experience tailored for various road conditions and local users’ driving preferences.”

I’m proud to share that Aptiv’s technology and talent helped enable these advanced features and capabilities. Aptiv is proud to have contributed the successful and on time launch, which proves the strength of Aptiv’s engineering and development capabilities in China as well as Aptiv’s global leadership in advanced and scalable ADAS technology. You can learn more about Aptiv’s contribution in the English translation of the Chinese press release below.

Congratulations to the team for a successful, on-time launch, and for delivering on our mission to enable the future of mobility with safer, greener and more connected solutions that consumers can trust. 

Aptiv Provides Best-in-Class Safety and Intelligent Driving Assistance for
New Generation Buick GL8 Avenir

Technology leader provides ADAS system based on Satellite Architecture approach, and connected Infotainment system, both supported by OTA functionality

April 15, 2020 – Aptiv, a global technology company focused on making mobility safer, greener, and more connected, announced today it is providing both the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Infotainment system for SAIC-GM's new generation Buick GL8 Avenir, which launched in the Chinese market on April 12.

SAIC-GM selected Aptiv’s differentiated Satellite Architecture approach to deliver best-in-industry ADAS functionality with maximum scalability. The system includes Aptiv’s advanced satellite radar and camera sensors and powerful central domain controller which runs the advanced safety software. This differentiated satellite architecture approach integrates Aptiv’s and SAIC-GM’s software applications enabling a full range of features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Change Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, and Door Open Warning.

Aptiv’s infotainment technology is also used on the new generation Buick GL8 Avenir to deliver best-in-class in-cabin user experience. Aptiv’s fully-integrated Android-based connected infotainment system supports multimodal interaction between the heads-up display and center stack, and provides a full range of features such as the digital dashboard and navigation.

Both systems are equipped with Over-The-Air (OTA) technology to enable iterative software updates over the lifetime of the vehicle to further enhance safety functionality and user experience.

"We are proud to provide Aptiv's leading ADAS and infotainment technology on the new generation Buick GL8 Avenir,” said Frank Wang, vice president of Advanced Safety & User Experience, Asia-Pacific, Aptiv. “The successful application and on time delivery of the systems on the vehicle reflects the dedication and strong collaboration between engineering teams from Aptiv and PATAC - SAIC-GM's tech center in China - over the past two years. We are proud to bring this advanced technology into the Chinese market and will continue to develop our product portfolio in China."

To learn more about Aptiv’s active safety and user experience solutions please visit aptiv.com/solutions.

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