Data: The New Currency

The power of data is so incredible, consider the possibility that data will become the new currency upon which the world spins. There is enough data being created by vehicles that a new car economy is emerging. 

And Delphi is at the heart of the new economy. 

There is so much valuable data, in fact, being created by vehicles, that there is a flat-out race to figure out how to manage, harvest, package and broker this data. 

Your car actually produces too much data to move from the car into the cloud, so there is a need to aggregate and curate the data and send only what is important. Our Control-Tec technology allows us to capture and filter the data produced by vehicles and send only what’s important to the cloud. Additionally, that technology also allows us to pinpoint any issues before or after cars leave the lot. 

There is also data that needs to travel from the cloud to the car, which is where our Movimento technology comes into play. With their Over-the-Air (OTA) technology, we can update the cars systems in several ways. First, we can update software if there is a patch or a fix that needs to be installed, just like your computer at home or work. Second, we can upgrade your car after it has left the lot- and you wouldn’t have to do a thing. Just like your phone – the operating system and applications can be upgraded, quickly, easily and painlessly. Additionally, we can update the software for all the electronic controllers in your car. These are each like a little brain, like a neuron, and we can update or re-flash them all using OTA. 

So, in a sense, we can reconfigure, upgrade and even ‘heal’ your car if there is a security vulnerability. Just like your phone. 

Speaking of your phone – why do you love it? Because it’s personal and you can add apps to make it customized to exactly how you like it – with your favorite music, books, people, fitness trackers, kid trackers and anything else you enjoy. The best technology is personal – and your car is about to get a whole lot more personal with the help of otonomo. 

otonomo is a start-up with which we have just partnered. They have created a cloud-based data marketplace for connected cars. Their technology accomplishes two main things. First, it creates a revenue stream for car makers by brokering data to service providers – like retailers, insurance and smart cities. Second, it creates a platform through which the data created by your car can be interpreted and then made into tailored options and offerings for consumers. Only what you want, when you want. 

The amount of data produced by cars will only exponentially increase with the addition of input from more sensors – all the sensors needed for safe autonomous cars – like cameras, radar and LiDAR. Your car will see more through those cameras and sense more through the radar and LiDAR – and that data will also help your car to become smarter and safer – and more personal. 

So, will data become the new currency? We believe it will and are ready to make it happen.