Delphi Partners with Leading Chinese Map and Location Service Supplier, AutoNavi

It’s all about moving forward. In order to do so, one must seek the latest and most advanced navigation and travel services to bolster in-vehicle infotainment and ultimately, autonomous driving. 

This is the motivation behind a strategic partnership Delphi announced with AutoNavi, an affiliation to Alibaba and a leading Chinese internet-based map and location service supplier.


“Our strategic partnership with AutoNavi will enhance Delphi’s support to customers in the Chinese market on connected infotainment and navigation systems. It will lay a foundation for Delphi to bring our industry-leading automated driving systems to the Chinese market,” said Frank Wang, vice president, Asia Pacific, Delphi electronics and safety division. 

The non-exclusive agreement outlines a framework for co-operation on big data, navigation and travel services as well as development of automated driving in the Chinese market.

For big data, and navigation and travel services, Delphi will utilize AutoNavi’s platform to further innovate its infotainment systems and IT related services for the Chinese market. Delphi will utilize AutoNavi’s real-time traffic information services and location based on-line map services to develop solutions including route planning and point-of-interest search on Delphi’s connected infotainment and navigation systems. Delphi will also integrate AutoNavi’s online content services including - but not limited to - online payment and online streaming services for Delphi’s connected infotainment systems.  

The strategic partnership also outlines a framework for cooperation on automated driving in the Chinese market. Delphi may integrate AutoNavi’s automated driving map data, software capability and cloud computing capability, so as to provide cloud-based automated driving services in the Chinese market on request of Delphi’s customers. 

AutoNavi may provide high precision positioning technology for joint automated driving projects the two companies would conduct, and will ensure that the associated high definition maps can be integrated in the other Delphi automated driving projects in the Chinese market.

“AutoNavi will utilize its automated driving mapping and establish complete cloud-based mapping services together with our partners. Delphi is a leading automated driving system supplier and integrator in the automotive industry,” said Wei Dong, president, Automotive Division, AutoNavi.

“I am confident that this partnership will contribute to speed up application of automated driving in the Chinese market,” Dong added.