"It's Our Move" spotlight: Selling the future at Aptiv

When I was growing up, learning how to drive and getting your license was about gaining independence and getting connected to the outside world. But for my sons, they have their phones. They’re already connected. Getting behind the wheel to drive makes them put a pause on that connectivity. I don’t need to tell you that times are changing. 

That’s why I joined Aptiv last September. This company is not standing still. That drew me in. I saw that the company was already taking all the necessary steps to ensure it was relevant in a dynamic and changing industry. They’re focused on bringing safer, greener and more connected technology and solutions to the market. 

I definitely believe in autonomous vehicles and how they can make us all safer. Aptiv is making sure that they're positioned to be a player in that field. They're designing products, they're investing in technology that’s bringing mobility to life. That's something I wanted to be involved in going forward.

I believe mobility is the future and is going to help people stay connected and independent. For one, my sons are always connected to their phones and I want them to be able to drive in a safe environment. I don't want them to be distracted, and I think mobility, autonomous driving addresses those concerns. I also have family and friends with disabilities. Their day to day revolves around when they can schedule a driver, a pickup, or somebody to take them or someone to a location, whether it be work, an appointment or event. Autonomous driving vehicles would be a huge change for their lifestyle, just download an app and the car would go where they need it to go. 

I have been fortunate to sell a lot of great technology in my career from advanced brake systems to Bluetooth with voice recognition to active safety electronics. But I am most excited about the future of mobility. I see the future of autonomous vehicles. I don't believe my future grandkids will drive cars, because the technology for autonomous vehicles is here, and it's around the corner. 

That is why I'm very passionate about what I sell and my work at Aptiv. 
It’s a very personal thing. I know that when people get behind the wheel of a car, the technology we develop and sell at Aptiv allows them to drive from point A to point B in a safe way. 

It’s our move. 
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