Starts With Me – Our Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Quality drives everything at Aptiv. It fuels our growth, our innovation and our reputation. Every day we ship over 90 million components with 2 million unique part numbers and we do it at highly competitive quality levels – that is less than one rejected part per million shipped. And we do it for 7,300 customer locations in 45 different countries, all with a 99% on-time delivery and zero tolerance for error.

Also, take the 1.351 million people who die in traffic accidents every year. We are engineering the technologies and solutions that aim to shrink that number to zero. it’s a substantial goal and requires a relentless focus on quality and execution:

  • To deliver the software and innovation with our priority on safety.
  • To forge lasting customer and partner relationships that move us forward.
  • To continue leading the way toward a safer, greener, more connected and accessible world of mobility for all.

At Aptiv, the quest for quality is embedded in everything we do – to be more efficient, more flawless and more innovative. It’s not just about eliminating defects. It’s about delivering the consistent quality that keeps our customers happy and drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe.

At Aptiv, we have an obligation to speak up, to think and act as owners – we are one team – quality is everyone’s responsibility.

The minute we take our eyes off these details is the minute we endanger the quality that shapes the company’s growth and our industry-leading innovation.