Sustainability by Design

A simple, compelling, and memorable mission is critical to any organization’s success. It attracts and retains talent. And it drives the engagement that in turn delivers performance. Ask any Aptiv employee what our mission is, and you’ll inevitably receive the same response: to build a safer, greener and more connected world.

Aptiv’s commitment to sustainability goes well beyond our portfolio of safe, green, and connected solutions -- it starts with what powers our business: our people. Their passion to always do the right thing, in the right way, extends beyond their work, as we actively engage our employees in our sustainability and community development efforts. Our strong corporate culture helps to attract and retain the best talent for Aptiv.

At Aptiv, we hold ourselves accountable for systemically reducing our environmental impact. For more than 20 years, we have aligned our approach and policy with internationally recognized standards and management systems. In 2012 Aptiv set our 2020 environmental targets to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste generation by 30% from our 2011 baseline.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is company wide. Aptiv owned manufacturing sites achieved 100% voluntary certification in ISO14001 since 2001. We monitor our sites with a rigorous environmental risk assessment, allowing us to track progress against targets.

In addition, every day 220 million pieces from 3,600 suppliers flow through Aptiv’s 126 manufacturing facility network. As our business has grown, our integrated supply chain team has driven meaningful reductions in environmental emissions globally. As a result, Aptiv has streamlined its global packaging and shipping processes, optimized packaging, and reduced the number of individual shipments globally. In 2018 alone, our logistics department successfully eliminated the production of 1,115 tons of CO2 by reducing the number of shipments and required transportation. Current logistics projects continue to drive reductions in CO2 emissions with opportunities to reduce total shipments by 30% and reduce travel distance by 20%. Our efforts have resulted in Aptiv reducing CO2 tons/employee by an average 6.4% annually between 2014 and 2018.

To ensure employee health and environmental protection, Aptiv has enacted corporate procedures to best define waste treatment. Over the years, we have created, maintained, and improved a robust system to eliminate, minimize, segregate, and properly manage waste. In production, this system includes design modifications that allow us to eliminate solvents by changing cleaning and painting processes and modifications to injection molds that reduce the amount of scrap plastic in our molding operations. Additionally, we have implemented programs to recycle scrap plastic by integrating it back into the manufacturing process without jeopardizing product quality. In 2018, we achieved a waste diversion rate of 84% for recycled non-hazardous waste.

Looking forward, Aptiv commits to realize our mission, to live our core values and to continuously improve in making our products and facilities more sustainable. We will continue to build a strong company that delivers long-term value to our stakeholders, customers, employees, as well as to the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our efforts are creating a significant competitive advantage for Aptiv, and a better world.