Together, Operating as One Aptiv, We Will Protect Each Other

The following email was shared with Aptiv employees today. 

Aptiv Team – 

It is hard to believe that it has been roughly one month since I first shared with you that, despite having strong employee safety measures already in place, we needed to ramp-down our operations due to stay-at-home government orders and our customers shutting down their operations. 

During this time, our leadership team has worked tirelessly to ensure Aptiv's sites will be ready for us to operate even more safely when it is time to resume production. For many of us, that time is coming soon. 

In close collaboration with medical experts,  environmental health and safety professionals, local governments, union leaders, works councils, customers, and suppliers, Aptiv is beginning to slowly ramp-up production across Europe and North America.  Let me explain what ramp-up means and what you can expect.

First, and most importantly, protecting your health and well-being is our top priority. While we cannot control COVID-19 and the actions others take, we, as One Aptiv, can control how we work and keep each other safe. Our collective success in maintaining a safe work environment will depend on each of us consistently following Aptiv’s Safe Operations Protocols and maintaining safe practices outside of the work place. Our Protocols are based on information and guidance from the WHO, CDC, medical experts, and various government agencies, and must be strictly followed at each of our sites. 

We have put in place rigorous operating assessments before each site is allowed to re-open, including the following measures:
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of each site three times per shift 
  • Conducting health and risk screenings for employees and visitors, including a digital health assessment survey and daily temperature checks with non-contact thermometers prior to entering our facilities or boarding our shuttles and buses
  • Ensuring social distancing and utilizing physical barriers in working areas, cafeterias, building entrances and exits, and shuttles and buses where social distancing may not be as practical
  • Providing employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), including a new surgical mask every shift they work 
  • Executing immediate response plans for suspected cases, including sending the employee home, recommending self-quarantine for employees who have been in contact with the individual, and other proactive actions based on self-disclosed employee information
  • Continued employee education on hygiene and safety best practices

During the initial start-up phase, we will respect our employees’ decisions on when they return to work.  I encourage all employees to let their HR team know if they have concerns, or are in a higher risk category, so we can work with them to minimize their risk.

At Aptiv you should feel confident that you work for a company that is providing some of the highest, if not the highest safety standards, in your community.  We will closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic globally and locally, and we will take immediate action as required to ensure the continued safety of our employees.  

As we ramp-up production, all of us must remain vigilant. A vaccine is likely more than a year away, and as a result, the virus will remain in our communities for many more months and will continue to affect our families, friends and colleagues. However, if each of us diligently does our part, we can continue to protect each other, as well as our families, communities and customers.  

We intend to continue to monitor our sites to ensure consistent and continued adherence to our Safe Operations Protocols, but you are our best advocates for strict compliance with our standards.  Please share any suggestions you may have on how we can do better, and raise any questions or concerns to your HR representatives. Aptiv will not compromise when it comes to employee safety. 

I strongly believe that together, operating as One Aptiv, we will protect each other and overcome this unprecedented pandemic to emerge as an even stronger company.

Stay safe,


Want to learn more about Aptiv’s safety protocol and pandemic plan? Download it here.

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Aptiv Media Relations

Elena Rosman

Vice President, Investor Relations