Transforming How We Work in the COVID-19 World

*The following article was posted on LinkedIn by Kevin Clark, President and CEO of Aptiv, on April 3.

The health and well-being of our employees and their families, our customers, and our broader communities remains Aptiv’s top priority. While the way we operate may never go back to normal as we knew it, we are committed to finding new ways of working that allow us, and the entire mobility ecosystem, to keep our people safe, and deliver for our customers.

Aptiv has recently updated our Global COVID-19 Pandemic Plan to ensure we are consistently executing safety protocols across our more than 140 sites. These protocols cover a range of necessary criteria against which our local teams must implement. 

Many of these procedures stem from our key learnings from operating in China, and take into consideration government, WHO, CDC, and other key stakeholder recommendations. Our plan addresses the following key questions that every company, no matter the industry, should be asking:  

  • How must our facilities and operations adapt to the new restrictions needed to stay safe?
  • What new policies do we need to put in place, and which ones should change?
  • How have our customers’ businesses changed? Do we have clarity on customer demand against which to plan?
  • Where is the weakest link in our supply chain? Are our suppliers and partners prepared to operate safely?
  • Do we have routines in place for local, regional, and global management teams to monitor compliance regularly?
  • Are we capturing lessons learned, and incorporating them into standard procedures across our operations?
  • Do we have comprehensive emergency response and contingency plans in place?

We need to continue to ask ourselves these questions and adapt accordingly because, as the virus has proven, waiting to react, puts everyone at risk.

As we scale our best practices and implement the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Plan across our business, we are also sharing our processes and learnings with organizations across the mobility ecosystem in hopes that we can help others operate safely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Collaborating at all levels is more important than ever. We must, as a company, industry, and society, come together to transform how we work to keep our employees safe in the COVID-19 world.