We Like Big Data and We Cannot Lie

When I think about the car of the future, I think about data. 

Very, very big data. 

In order for the car-of-the-future to materialize, we need to build a foundation upon and through which massive amounts of data can travel at lightning speeds. Speeds so fast, in fact, that we are talking 20 times faster than what exists today – they will need to approach ten gigabits per second. 

If you aren’t an engineer, the enormity of that target might not phase you. For those of us who are engineers, we find that awe inspiring. That is like moving from the Model T to a Formula One, but instead of decades, we’re talking a few years. 

Delphi is building the capability to provide the foundation of data transfer speeds, upon which a data management system will be built. 

We announced today that we are forging strategic partnerships with two Israeli companies. The first is Valens, which will revolutionize the way data is transferred within a car and help achieve higher speed rates to support next-generation infotainment and active safety products. Valens’ technology enables our customers to move massive amounts of data around the vehicle without the need for high cost shielded cabling and connectors. 

The second company is otonomo, a company that enables a cloud-based, connected car data marketplace. They offer a way for car makers and drivers a way to make use of the massive amount of data generated by cars by creating a marketplace that service providers like insurance, fleet, retails and smart city emergency services can tap into. 

Investing in a platform that creates a connected car marketplace is a natural extension of Delphi’s data management and Over-The-Air (OTA) capabilities provided through our recent acquisitions of Control-Tec and Movimento. 

When you combine those partnerships with Delphi’s existing, world-leading capabilities in data transmission it’s almost like a mic drop. We have pulled together the worlds’ best in high speed signal and power distribution in order to enable the brain and nerve centers of the car. 

I can’t think of another company out there with such a comprehensive portfolio of data transfer and management. I’m excited to welcome otonomo and Valens and to the extensive network of Delphi partnerships. I know the possibilities are endless when you bring bright minds together. 

We have a saying at Delphi, a way to describe what we do; ‘Making it Possible.’ And I know when I think about these partnerships in combination with Control-Tec and Movimento, there is nothing we can’t make possible.