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Putting Insights in Motion

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

Aptiv  Connect Pro, an end-to-end vehicle data  platform for commercial fleets and fleet technology providers, helps unlock the possibilities of vehicle data through integrated hardware,  software, cloud technologies, and data science.

Fleets need solutions that help improve uptime, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Aptiv Connect Pro not only provides rich, high-fidelity data, but also translates that data into valuable fleet insights. And it integrates with the fleet telematics solutions that fleet managers are already using.

With Connect Edge software, industry-leading hardware, and cloud-based analytics and capabilities such as Fleet Insights dashboards, Aptiv Connect Pro helps save thousands of dollars per vehicle per year, and helps fleets become safer, greener and more connected.

Decrease fleet management costs and complexity

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Weight Estimation

Instead of requiring expensive sensor equipment or a scale, Aptiv Connect Pro can estimate a rolling truck’s weight using advanced data science and vehicle data collected in real time. It analyzes signals, including wheel speed, longitudinal acceleration, and pitch angle. Aptiv’s Connect Edge then uses proprietary models to combine real-world data with the signal analysis to estimate the truck’s weight and send that information to the cloud.

Knowing a commercial vehicle’s weight can deliver wide-ranging value, including lower total cost of ownership with better fuel management and load balancing among trucks.

By coupling weight estimation with other information provided by Aptiv Connect Pro, such as duty cycle, fleet managers can be better informed about vehicle wear and tear. Vehicle weight affects the usable life of tires and brakes, and with the costs of parts and labor increasing, it’s more important than ever to understand vehicle wear and tear and reduce unscheduled maintenance.

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Fuel efficiency

Fuel is the second biggest cost of operating fleets, often tens of thousands of dollars in annual expense. Other solutions can report on consumption but don’t provide insights on reducing it. Fuel is certainly a necessary cost, but by better understanding what factors affect its usage, fleet managers can trim consumption by a few percentage points, which translates into thousands in savings.

Aptiv Connect Pro can shed light on how a vehicle’s fuel consumption compares to like vehicles with similar usage attributes. By analyzing the following factors, it helps inform what is driving fleet fuel costs:

  • Route
  • Vehicle weight
  • Vehicle make/model
  • Idle time
  • Driver behavior
Fuel Efficiency
Vehicle Health and Diagnostics

Vehicle Health & Diagnostics

In today’s environment, where parts and labor shortages are common, unscheduled repairs can have an outsized impact. Aptiv Connect Pro provides accessible insights into fleet health. With individual vehicle scores and severity details, users will know whether something is a critical issue or one that can wait for resolution.

Aptiv Connect Pro doesn’t just provide rich data, it also translates that data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights. For example, it doesn’t just monitor data signals like soot level or coolant temperature — it can also show their real-time rate of change and couple that with decoded Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) information, revealing whether the issue is a bad sensor or something more significant like a faulty valve.

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Aptiv Connect Pro

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Based on decades of experience in engineering analytics for OEMs, Aptiv Connect Pro is the most comprehensive solution of its kind on the market. Other solutions have only a fraction of Aptiv Connect Pro's capabilities, forcing fleet customers to purchase multiple single-purpose products, such as electronic logging device (ELD) solutions, advanced vehicle health solutions, vehicle weight sensors and fuel economy applications. Aptiv Connect Pro offers an all-in-one solution that allows fleets to decrease their costs and complexity. 

Why Aptiv Connect Pro?

  • Value that truly reduces total cost of ownership
  • Expertise based on decades of working with world’s top commercial vehicles
  • Predictive edge analytics that are translated into accessible insights
  • Dashboard that helps a fleet determine actionable next steps


  • Support for mixed fleets
  • Flexibility
  • Access to industry’s widest data set, with thousands of subsystem signals
  • Predictive edge analytics
  • Integrated contextual data
  • Real-time alerts


  • Eliminates need for additional tools and customization to support mixed fleets
  • Provides multi-tenant and multi-cloud support
  • Ensures that no critical events are missed
  • Captures real-time data to enable predictive maintenance, weight estimation, and fuel economy analysis
  • Reduces largest expenses related to total cost of ownership, including fuel, unscheduled maintenance and downtime
  • Increases fleet efficiency through load balancing, improved routing, and other factors