Aptiv Connect Qualifier


Find and Fix Issues Faster

Designed to meet the needs of OEMs testing and validating pre-production vehicles, Qualifier is Aptiv’s flagship web-based analytics solution. Used by more than 70 percent of leading vehicle manufacturers around the world, Qualifier helps engineers quickly identify and resolve issues, resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings over time.

Why Qualifier?

  • Unmatched industry expertise
  • Designed for enterprises
  • Dedicated engineering support
  • ADAS and EV capabilities
  • Integration of data from other data loggers


  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Visualizations
  • Integrated maps
  • Issue management
  • Fleet management
  • Real-time alerts
  • Optional video
  • Optional road and weather data


  • Save millions on reduced warranty expenses
  • Reduce time to find and fix issues
  • Improve vehicle quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction
ADAS Solution

ADAS Solution

The Aptiv Connect Qualifier Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) solution can reduce the time and effort involved in ADAS validation while improving vehicle quality and reducing warranty expenses and development costs. Built on top of Aptiv Connect Qualifier, the complete ADAS Solution includes:

  • Qualifier Analytics with a special dashboard for tracking ADAS KPIs
  • Environmental Insights which includes road, weather, and traffic data
  • Video Insights with event recording and object recognition
  • Command Center for a live streaming view of vehicle location and health
  • Data transmission and support
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Validation

The automotive industry is going electric. And if manufacturers use the same testing processes, tools and methodologies for EVs that they use for traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, they could miss critical data and insights. With Aptiv Connect Qualifier, manufacturers can collect, aggregate and analyze EV data, and then use the data to help validate component and system performance.

Qualifier helped one manufacturer solve a battery issue.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Validation
AC-Dash Android App

AC-Dash Android App

Start troubleshooting during test drives with the AC-Dash Android tablet app. It allows users to monitor data signals in real time, read and clear DTC codes, manually trigger data-collection events, trace a vehicle’s route, record driver comments with text-to-voice transcription for analysis, interact with a VDR, and more.

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Qualifier Environmental Insights

Vehicle systems must be validated to perform well in all weather and road conditions — particularly with ADAS or EVs. Environmental Insights integrates road and weather data with Aptiv Connect Qualifier to ensure test coverage and streamline troubleshooting.

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Enhance Your Analytics With Environmental Insights
Video System

Qualifier Video Solution

Validating ADAS and other advanced features requires a 360° view that shows what is happening in and around the vehicle. With the optional Qualifier Video Solution, users can connect up to four cameras to a single VDR and record what takes place before, during and after pre-defined events. They can then view the video from within the Qualifier web application, and even synchronize the video feed with graphs of data signals from the car, as well as a GPS map and any audio recorded with AC-Dash.

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Qualifier Ingest

Most manufacturers have many different engineering teams that use different brands and types of data loggers. Qualifier Ingest consolidates all that data in one application and allows them to perform comprehensive analytics. This centralized view speeds troubleshooting and streamlines data search and reporting.

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Qualifier Ingest
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Qualifier Command Center

With Command Center, users can monitor their fleet’s location and health in real time, and the software issues alerts immediately when a vehicle experiences a DTC or a pre-configured event. It enables users to improve the efficiency of test drives, speed up troubleshooting and increase productivity.

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Engineering Services

Deploying Aptiv Connect Qualifier includes access to Aptiv’s team of customer success engineers and data scientists with deep domain expertise and a thorough understanding of best practices for vehicle data collection and analytics. Through Aptiv’s User Story process, they work with customers to create and implement a strategy for overcoming any engineering challenge, including machine learning models, advanced analytics, custom dashboards and reports.

Customer Success Engineers helped resolve an aftertreatment issue.

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