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The only end-to-end vehicle data platform that captures and converts the right data into actionable insights.

Aptiv Connect


Every vehicle on the road today generates a tremendous amount of data, but few organizations have figured out how to successfully convert that data into valuable insights. Aptiv Connect is an end-to-end vehicle data platform with integrated hardware and software that helps manufacturers, suppliers, and other organizations capitalize on this opportunity. Built on a solid, proven foundation, Aptiv Connect can help you lower costs, improve product quality, deepen your relationship with your customers, and develop new data-driven business models.


Aptiv's hardware collects thousands of signals — more than any other solution on the market — at a faster frame rate than other products, so that you don't miss any anomalous events. With a variety of form factors available, it meets the needs of OEMs throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

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Connected Services Platform
Connected Services Platform

Connect Edge Software

The Connect Edge software begins processing and analyzing data right in the vehicle, which helps keep costs low. And you can dynamically re-configure the software as your needs change.

Flexible Cloud

Use Aptiv's cloud systems and/or your own to process and store your vehicle data. Our technology can help you transform rich vehicle data into actionable information that you can easily understand and use.

Scalable Cloud
Connected Services Platform
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Qualifier App Suite and Analytics

Qualifier and Insights App Suite

Our suite of analytics applications can help you uncover problems, monitor vehicles in real time, tap into advanced AI capabilities, and optimize operations with intelligent visualization and reporting tools.

APIs and Data Streams

Harness the power of Aptiv's APIs and pre-analyzed data streams to enhance current applications and enable new ones to generate additional revenue for your organization. Or feed insights to third-party apps and partner analytics engines. Our APIs can help you use rich data, such as post-injection fuel quantity, vehicle weight, and air compressor duty cycle, to improve your applications that track driver scores, fuel optimization, regulation compliance, and other metrics.

APIs and Data Streams
Cloud Based Platform
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When you find a problem, Aptiv’s over-the-air (OTA) capabilities allow you to update vehicle software in field, improving quality while keeping costs low.

Explore the Possibilities


Aptiv offers data acquisition and analysis solutions for pre-production and production vehicles. Whether you want to test and validate vehicles in development or reduce your warranty and recall costs, Aptiv has a solution to meet your needs.

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Software and Services

A complete suite of connected vehicle solutions designed to meet the needs of manufacturers

Most other solutions either capture too little data, which offers limited value for troubleshooting, or too much data, which is expensive to transmit, store, and analyze. Aptiv’s rich data approach allows you to extract the maximum value from your data while minimizing your costs.