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New Mobility Solutions

Imagine a world where everything talks to everything

New mobility technology


Our fully connected software platform is enabling us to drive mobility forward – advancing everything from automated/autonomous driving to active safety and from infotainment to vehicle connectivity. Today, we’re delivering solutions for automated/autonomous driving and automated mobility on demand that are not only effective but also cost-efficient. And by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we’re learning new ways to make tomorrow’s mobility safer, better and more human every day.

Consider our Centralized Sensing Localization Planning (CSLP) platform. It’s revolutionizing how we see the world around us – combining the input of:

  • Radar that isn’t impacted by weather
  • LiDAR that provides range and distance info
  • Vision (cameras) that classifies objects

Smart Architecture


With the next level of automated/autonomous driving (L4/5 AD) will come more and more software-enabled features – which will demand even greater computing power and high-speed data transmission. We are leading the way in providing constantly upgradeable high-speed sensing and networking systems in vehicles, in near real time, enabling everything from sensors and cameras to radar and engine controls with our proven expertise in:

  • Power and signal distribution
  • Over-the-air (OTA) data exchange
  • Vehicle connectivity
  • Sensor technologies
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Aptiv Smart Vehicle Architecture

Aptiv Smart Vehicle Architecture

Connected Cities

Smart cars / Smart cities


We are looking beyond connected cars and self-driving vehicles and toward a world in which vehicles are like super computers – capable of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, integrating and sharing vast amounts of data to make mobility better than ever. It’s a world where sensors communicate with vehicles, where vehicles communicate with one another and where they also communicate seamlessly with the environment around them and the cities they navigate through.

We’re providing the advanced architecture and centralized computing power that makes all this possible, that can accommodate the infotainment needs of today and the add-ons of tomorrow. Essentially, we’re enabling a connected mobility ecosystem and ensuring secure data flow between vehicles, infrastructure and the Cloud.

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