A Peek Behind the Panels: Take a closer look at an Aptiv autonomous vehicle

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Nandita Mangal
Product Lead - Vehicle Experience

The first thing people notice about an Aptiv autonomous vehicle is just how unnoticeable it really is. While other autonomous driving prototypes feature lots of technology attached to their exteriors, Aptiv autonomous vehicles more closely resemble any production car you see on the road.

Almost all the Aptiv technology is hidden, giving the car a sleek but alarmingly normal appearance. According to Nandita Mangal, who leads automated driving experience and mobility design research, this attention to detail is not just for aesthetic reasons - it allows for far more valuable user experience testing.

“No one likes to drive around in a science project,” she explains. “Users are used to these prototype vehicles with stuff hanging on top of them and it’s nerve-wracking for them to see that. When they see our car, where everything is hidden and yet functional, they are instantly at ease.”

This instant ease allows researchers and users to focus on the driving experience, providing Aptiv with the deeper insights they need to continually enhance their autonomous driving technology.

Join Nandita on a walkaround of an Aptiv autonomous car and get an exclusive peek at all the innovation that’s hidden behind its panels.


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