The Customer is Always Right

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David Paja
Senior Vice President and President, Advanced Safety & User Experience
How consumer demand is driving increased vehicle functionality.
As mobility solutions providers, we spend a lot of time talking about the safe, green, and connected megatrends. Why? Because consumers are talking about them. They want the same things we do: to make the driving experience less dangerous, less environmentally impactful and a lot more connected.

Today, consumers want safety features like AEB and adaptive cruise control. Tomorrow they’ll be clamoring for more advanced safety functionality like highway and traffic jam assist. Today, they want hybrids which give them improved fuel economy, with the universal access of internal combustion. Tomorrow they’ll want fully electric options that are clean, quiet and responsive. And while consumers are already benefitting from embedded connectivity that delivers content-rich apps right to their car, tomorrow they’ll settle for nothing less than a car and user experience that is a fully integrated part of the Internet of Things.

Meeting these demands requires a lot more than good intentions. As vehicles quickly transform into software-defined platforms, two major changes will transform the auto industry, one that consumers will notice, the other that will happen behind the scenes. 
The change that consumers will surely notice will be around the applications. There will soon be a lot more in-vehicle applications for them to choose from - some which will be central to the vehicles functionality, and others which will be more about consumer preference - and every one of them will be updated far more frequently than they are today. But underneath all those applications, there will be a tectonic shift in how vehicle architectures are designed. While this change will be invisible to consumers, it forever alters the playing field for automakers.

As part of Aptiv’s ongoing philosophy of Sustainable by Design, we are playing a major role in enabling targeted application innovations consumers see and demand, as well as the “invisible,” but radical shift in vehicle architecture that enables them. It’s all made possible by our unique combination of advanced software capabilities, domain expertise and a holistic perspective on vehicle architecture.

The key is integration.
The greater complexity of new mobility solutions demand improved lifecycle management and a greater integration of the architectures that support them. This is Aptiv’s advantage - thanks to our ‘full stack” capabilities, increasing complexity favors Aptiv. 

Put another way, our capabilities bring value to both the initial development of any new automotive technology and the lifecycle management required to cope with continuous software and feature updates.

Your proof. Our satellite architecture.
A great proof point of Aptiv’s full system solutions advantage in action is our unique satellite architecture approach to Active Safety. 
Typically, active safety systems use smart sensors to process environmental inputs.  Interpretation of the inputs is done independently, then data is transmitted to a controller which provides the outputs to the vehicle.  
Aptiv’s satellite architecture approach is quite different. By taking the intelligence out of the sensor and centralizing it into a single safety domain controller capable of processing various inputs - such as radar, cameras and lidar - the system significantly reduces sensor mass and cost. This is critical as higher level applications need to add more sensors. It also makes the software easier and faster to scale across different vehicle platforms.

By enabling OEMs to deploy advanced ADAS functionality in a much more scalable way, we’re helping accelerate the democratization of active safety across all types of vehicle models.

Your Tier 0 partner is here.

New consumer demands require a new kind of automotive technology partner, a “Tier 0” partner with the portfolio and full-stack capabilities that are more focused and more relevant than ever on what our OEM customers want and need. Aptiv is the partner of choice, providing scalable solutions with significant re-use capability, informed trade-offs between cost and performance, and optimized paths for customers to meet today’s and tomorrow’s consumer demands in a sustainable, cost-affordable way.