Aptiv Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Safety is a core part of Aptiv’s mission – from the technology we develop to the way we work.

Safely Operating in a COVID-19 World

Protecting the health and well-being of all Aptiv employees, customers, and communities where we operate is our top priority and a responsibility that we take very seriously.

This page will be updated regularly to provide information on the company's actions and to share industry best practices and resources.

Aptiv’s COVID-19 Safe Operations Protocols

We’ve worked closely with government, union representatives, medical experts and employee health and safety experts to expand and build on the Safe Operations Protocols we’ve developed to minimize risks to our employees in the workplace as we resume operations. 

These protocols are:
  • Based on information and guidance from the WHO, CDC and various government agencies
  • Already in place in select sites across Asia, EMEA and the Americas
  • Reviewed by medical and environmental health and safety experts
  • Shared with customers, suppliers, employees and the public


Latest Updates

Since learning of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Aptiv has taken swift action to protect its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities where it operates. Below are a few of the notable actions the company has taken to manage through the dynamic, constantly evolving pandemic.


  • June 1 – In close collaboration with the government, Aptiv resumes production in Mexico with its Safe Operations Protocols in place.
  • May 27 – Aptiv publishes a new chapter in our COVID-19 Safe Operations Protocols focused on office safety. These materials address the unique challenges faced in an office setting, where the operating environment and employee norms and behaviors can be meaningfully different from those faced in a manufacturing setting.
  • May 15 – The Aptiv Foundation announces it has donated $500,000 to the GlobalGiving COVID-19 Relief Fund to help defeat the virus in the most vulnerable communities around the world.
  • May 1 – Aptiv President and CEO Kevin Clark informs employees and the public that Aptiv will begin to restart operations across EMEA and the Americas. In the letter, he says, "While we cannot control COVID-19 and the actions others take, we, as One Aptiv, can control how we work and keep each other safe. Our collective success in maintaining a safe work environment will depend on each of us consistently following Aptiv's Safe Operations Protocols and maintaining safe practices outside of the workplace."
  • April 9 – Aptiv hosts the first of multiple Supplier Summits with the theme of "Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay ready." During the virtual summits, Aptiv’s top 150 suppliers learn more about Aptiv’s Safe Operations Protocols, as well as other new, relevant information to help ensure we protect employees and deliver for our customers.
  • April 7 – Aptiv publishes its COVID-19 Safe Operations Protocols, which outline the preventative measures the company has in place to minimize risks to employees in the workplace. These protocols are:
    • Based on information and guidance from WHO, CDC and various government agencies
    • Already in place in select sites across Asia, EMEA and the Americas
    • Reviewed by medical and environmental health and safety experts
    • Shared with customers, suppliers, employee, and industry trade organizations
  • March 30 – Aptiv surveys its top global suppliers to understand their readiness across 10 key criteria, ranging from the steps they are taking to secure employee health and facility readiness, to inventory and contingency planning.
  • March 27 – Aptiv President and CEO Kevin Clark highlights actions the company has taken in partnership with key stakeholders, in every region, to protect and deliver for employees, customers and shareholders. He also shares that Aptiv will begin to ramp down operations in EMEA and the Americas, saying, "This unprecedented action is in line with our customers' production schedules, resulting from the restrictions put in place by governments around the world to help prevent the spread of the virus."
  • March 23 – Aptiv announces proactive measures to enhance financial flexibility and liquidity, including drawing down all remaining availability under its revolving credit facility and suspending its quarterly dividend.
  • March 2 – Aptiv suspends operation of its public passenger autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas.
  • Feb. 25 – Aptiv restricts all non-essential visitors from entering its more than 140 sites globally.
  • Feb. 10 – In line with government orders and customer demand, Aptiv begins to ramp up production in China. As part of Aptiv’s safety protocols, employees will be asked to complete an online health and wellness survey prior to reporting to work, and follow other safety measures such as having their temperate checked, wearing a mask, and social distancing.
  • Jan. 28 – Aptiv suspends all domestic and international travel globally.
  • Jan. 27
    • Aptiv creates a dedicated COVID-19 channel on its intranet to provide a single point of reference for employees.
    • Per the orders of the government of China to extend the Chinese New Year, Aptiv says all sites in China to remain closed.
  • Jan. 24
    • Aptiv establishes a COVID-19 Steering Committee, which begins daily, cross-functional meetings to ensure consistent coordination, communication and execution across the company.
    • Aptiv halts all employee travel to and within China.
  • Jan. 23 - Aptiv asks employees in China to self-quarantine for 14 days if they have traveled to Wuhan, have been in close contact with someone from the city, and/or have displayed symptoms.


Aptiv: Safe Start

By operating as one Aptiv with our Safe Operations Protocols in place, we will protect each other while we deliver for our customers, families, and the communities in which we live.

Aptiv: Ready. Set. Go!

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. Our sites around the globe are creating site-specific videos to demonstrate how Aptiv's Safe Operations Protocols are in place at each location. 

Aptiv COVID-19 Giving Report

Aptiv COVID-19 Giving Report


The Aptiv Foundation, in partnership with GlobalGiving, is working to support frontline responders and meet impacted communities’ needs for healthcare, food, and water through their COVID-19 Relief Fund. To learn more about The Aptiv Foundation’s donation to GlobalGiving and how you can contribute, please visit: https://www.globalgiving.org/aptiv/.  

We're All in This Together