Aptiv Virtual Visits: Participant Terms Of Use

1.1 With travel curtailed and access to facilities limited, Aptiv is pleased to offer its customers the option to conduct virtual visits to our sites to demonstrate our product development and builds.
1.2 These virtual visits may be in the form of pre-recorded material that provides information that our customers have requested, or may take the form of live streams from our facilities where information is shared in real time.
1.3 This document sets out the terms of use, so that we can control access to and use of the material made available to approved Viewers (as defined below) via these virtual visits.

1.4 In consideration of access to and use of the information by an Aptiv customer, Aptiv customer and each individual acting on behalf of such Aptiv customer, who wishes to access to the information will be bound by these terms and will be deemed to have accepted them by accessing the Information.

2.1 These Terms supplement any terms of confidentiality in place between Aptiv and Aptiv customer and the Information is made available subject to such Confidentiality Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and the Confidentiality Agreement, these Terms will prevail. 

2.2 The Information constitutes confidential information of Aptiv. Viewers shall keep all the Information secret and confidential and not use the Information or in any way disclose it to any other person outside of their organization without the prior written consent of Aptiv (which may be given on such terms as it considers appropriate) except for information which is in or which enters the public domain otherwise than as a consequence of a breach of these terms and conditions.

3.1 These Terms, and Aptiv granting Viewers access to the Information, will not be construed to transfer ownership of or grant a license under any intellectual property rights in the Information. 

3.2 Viewers may not record, copy, photograph or otherwise capture or reproduce or take notes regarding any element of the Information. To do so will be a breach of these Terms, and Viewers’ right to use the Information will cease immediately and Viewer must, at Aptiv’s option, return or destroy any copies of the materials made.

While accessing the Information, Viewers must: 
(a) take all reasonable steps to ensure that none of the Information is visible to, or capable of being, viewed by, other persons;
(b) not leave their computer or other communications device through which they access the service unattended whilst connected to the Information display;
(c) ensure that they close the browser and log out when they have finished accessing the Information;
(d) not deface, mark, alter, modify, vary (including varying the sequence of) damage or destroy in any way any Information;
(e) not attempt to download, scan, copy, print, photograph or otherwise capture any of the information contained in the Information; 
(f) not attempt to disable the protection software or processes associated with the Information
(g) not share their password or credentials with anyone else.