Global Road Safety Week

We see a future with zero vehicle-related injuries or fatalities. Learn more on how we’re going to get there. 


Jada Smith

Vice President Advanced Engineering and External Relations
Glen de Vos

Glen de Vos

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and President, Mobility and Services Group
Lee H. Bauer

Lee H. Bauer

Vice president, Smart Vehicle Architecture
Karl Iagnemma

Karl Iagnemma

President of Aptiv Autonomous Mobility

A half-second doesn’t sound like a lot, but in automotive terms it can quite literally spell the difference between life and death. In fact, a recent report concluded that if a driver was afforded an extra half-second to respond to a situation, 60 percent of accidents could be avoided. ”

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Safety All Around

"As an engineer, it really is special to be part of a company that is helping save lives every day with our technology."

- Sandeep

"My algorithms are in millions of vehicles and a lot of people depend on them for their safety. That's a big responsibility"

- Murun

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