Sustainability: A Reflection of Our Resilience and Our Values

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Kevin P. Clark
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability is a core value at Aptiv, as it represents how we serve our customers, how we support our communities, and how we safeguard our environment. It also represents how we operate all aspects of our business. As a global company committed to enabling safer, greener and more connected mobility, we know that future can only be achieved if we have the vision and the people – as well as the solutions – that can be sustained over time.

While sustainability informs our entire enterprise, our efforts revolve around four pillars.

First, we recognize that sustainability is only possible with talented people, which means bringing together workers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and capabilities, all with a shared commitment to our goals. We are proud to have been named a Financial Times Diversity Leader for the second time, with women accounting for about 50 percent of our global workforce, and we have increased the number of women in executive leadership roles by 20 percent.

Second, we want our products to continue to advance the sustainability goals of our customers, with our systems and solutions enabling the electric, software-defined vehicles of tomorrow. These products will allow our customers to solve their toughest challenges.

Third, we are dedicated to protecting the planet, as we have committed to power all our global operations with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and to ensure that our products will be net carbon-neutral by 2040. These goals build on our alignment with the Science Based Targets initiative to help reduce the effects of climate change and to create a zero-carbon economy.

And fourth, we believe that sustainability is driven through a platform of shared values and ethical conduct – doing the right thing, the right way, for all stakeholders. Our commitment in this regard has been recognized by Ethisphere Magazine, which in 2022 identified Aptiv, for the tenth consecutive year, as one of the world’s most ethical companies.

We believe our sustainability initiatives can help to transform the future, but success is only possible if we follow through on our commitments and have the ability to monitor our progress. That is why we have our Sustainability Report and why our senior leaders are held accountable. I am proud that our entire team, our 190,000 employees from around the world, is helping us achieve our goals as we work toward a greener, safer and more connected future.

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