Vehicle Electrification Systems

The partner of choice for the race to electrification
We design, develop and manufacture system-level solutions for electric vehicles.

Making Mobility Greener

Minimize the vehicle’s total life cycle environmental impact

We envision a world with zero emissions. Making the future of mobility greener is at the heart of our mission.

With 20 years of field-proven expertise in automotive-grade high-voltage solutions, we design, develop and deliver both connection systems and electrical distribution systems for electrified vehicles. 

Aptiv engineers have partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the electric vehicle market,
and they understand how to optimize the electrification system to match the overall vehicle architecture and adapt each component to customer-specific design requirements.

Our broad portfolio covers the full spectrum of architecture electrification solutions,
delivering power from the grid to the systems that need it most. We follow the power. 

Aptiv Core Capabilities

Accelerating High Voltage 

Aptiv knows that speed to market is critical for our customers. Watch our video for specific examples of how we have been able to meet customers’ high-voltage needs in an accelerated way.

Building a Better Busbar

Building a Better Busbar


With our recent acquisition of Intercable Automotive Solutions, Aptiv is applying market-leading innovations in busbar design and manufacturing to meet a wide range of application requirements, complementing our system-level approach to vehicle architectures.

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System-Level Knowledge

Our system-level approach means we see the big picture

Everything in the Aptiv electrification portfolio — from high-voltage electrical connectors and shielded HV cables to busbar assemblies to charging cord sets and inlets to solid-state electrical centers — benefits from the knowledge, experience, research and know-how that goes into everything Aptiv builds for the system.

It's important to remember that OEMs are building vehicles, not a collection of components, and Aptiv offers a system-level approach that provides much more value than the sum of its many parts.

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System-Level Approach
aptiv flat busbar

Making Room for High Voltage

High-voltage (hV) electrification demands much more of a vehicle’s electrical architecture

As drivers demand more range and faster charging from their electric vehicles, the batteries and conductors must grow larger and heavier. To compensate, Aptiv has developed wiring innovations that free up space and reduce mass throughout a vehicle, such as:

  • Moving from round wires to flat busbars
  • Replacing copper with aluminum cabling
  • Employing our Velocity Tool SuiteTM to optimize gauge sizes
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Building Safety into Electric Vehicles

A proven record of safety is critical for high-voltage vehicles

When it comes to electrical wiring and high-voltage connections, Aptiv builds safety into every design. Here are three ways Aptiv is helping lower the risk in electric vehicles, even as the voltage inside them increases:

  • Connectors contain safeguards to protect consumers and service technicians
  • Products exceed safety specs, able to handle much higher voltages than required
  • Labs test and validate components rigorously, under the most extreme-use conditions

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System-Level Approach

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