Aptiv Helps OEMs and Fleet Software Providers Make the Right Connections

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Hank Skorny
Hank Skorny

Aptiv is helping OEMs enable higher levels of customer satisfaction through a plug-in connectivity device that unlocks value for the OEM, for fleet software providers and for consumers.

The Connect Edge device uses a cell connection to a cloud platform to give the OEM’s apps information about the health of the vehicle, identifies potential issues before they become critical and allows control functions such as remote start or remote lock/unlock. The technology will roll out on more than 100,000 vehicles this year.

The device is particularly important for fleet software providers and their customers, managing fleet vehicles’ health, driving efficiency in their operations, helping fleet operators reduce fuel usage, characterizing their drive cycles and vehicle weight, and assisting them in complying with regulations regarding safety, accountability  and monitoring driver behavior. By managing vehicle health, the device can help fleet operators reduce unscheduled downtime and predict time-consuming maintenance issues before they occur.

Aptiv’s Connect Edge consists of two components. The first is a connected, high-speed data acquisition device capable of digesting thousands of signals on a vehicle network. The second is the Aptiv Connect Edge software, which can intelligently pre-process these signals locally – at the “edge” – using over-the-air programming and machine learning to make decisions about what data needs to be collected and transmitted.

Aptiv provides OEMs with tools to make deployment of the device as easy as possible. Installation can be done either in-plant or at a dealership. The OEM’s customers get support through an application that seamlessly integrates with in-dealership tools to pair the device with the vehicle and guides the dealership personnel through the process. Fleet software providers and their customers can easily install the device themselves using a kit provided by Aptiv.

Flexibility is key

In fact, the Aptiv device can automatically discover the features that are installed on the vehicle by reading its VIN – which means it knows what data to collect and analyze, and can tell the OEM app what capabilities to deliver to the vehicle owner. For example, it could only show the owner the controls for remote start if the vehicle is equipped with that function. The device can also automatically deploy configurations tailored to support a specific vehicle.

Aptiv can build custom applications and APIs for the OEM’s cloud, setting the foundation for all of its connected vehicles and supporting the OEM’s ecosystem. The APIs allow third-party providers such as Geotab to integrate rich vehicle data in their proprietary applications. This integration is device-agnostic, meaning the OEM has the flexibility to change or add devices in the future.

With the devices in place, forward-thinking OEMs will be well positioned to leverage the data collected and the features enabled to create a better customer experience