Path Planning and Motion Control in Evasive Steering Assist

Frontal collisions are the leading cause of death in passenger vehicles. Active safety systems like automatic emergency braking are proven solutions to prevent frontal collisions or to mitigate collision impact. However, braking is not as effective as steering for vehicles traveling at high speeds due to the increased distance required to stop safely.

Evasive steering assist (ESA) offers an additional safety feature. If a driver attempts an evasive steering maneuver with inadequate force, ESA will apply additional force in the direction of the driver’s input.

Our recent ESA developments include architecture design, path planning, steering control and experimental verification. We conducted vehicle tests with a EuroNCAP-style balloon car as an obstacle and verified the algorithm's effectiveness under different test cases.

Authors: Guoguang Zhang, Qian Wang, Tapan Mujumdar, Tanto Sugiarto

Publication Date: March 29, 2022

Published In: SAE International

Research Area: Active safety systems, frontal collisions, vehicle occupants, vehicle drivers, test facilities