The ADAS Platform for Software-Defined Vehicles

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Glen De Vos
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Aptiv

Advanced driver-assistance systems are not simply a line item to be added to a vehicle window sticker, a checkbox on a list of options. ADAS is a strategy, a vision. It is a path to a better future, a safer future – for everyone.

Achieving this vision requires the proper infrastructure to support it every step along the way, from the sensors and compute hardware that perceive the environment around a vehicle to the software and intelligence that make sense of the signals and decide on actions to take.

Just as importantly, an ADAS platform has to adapt as the technology evolves at both an industry and OEM level, from basic safety compliance functions to advanced levels of automation. It has to be designed today for the electrical and electronic architectures of tomorrow, such as in Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™. And it has to be flexible, truly open to innovation, recognizing that innovation can come from anyone in an ecosystem – and that some of the most useful features to come are the ones that have not yet been developed.

In this paper, learn how Aptiv’s ADAS platform provides OEMs with a sustainable way to cost-effectively and flexibly build software features that can easily extend over time.

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