The concept of smart mobility is being expanded and redefined almost daily, and in 2018 Aptiv also continued to evolve, building on our long track record of industry leadership, innovation and execution, and expanding on the work we did in 2017 to redefine the company. Today, Aptiv holds a leading position as a technology company innovating at the intersection of disruptive trends in the automotive industry with a portfolio of technologies that make vehicles safer, greener and more connected, and enables the future of mobility.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our 160,000 people, we made significant progress executing on the strategic initiatives that will enhance our competitive position and create value in 2019 and beyond.

"The future of mobility is rapidly changing, and at Aptiv, we are positioned to win."


In 2018, we booked a record $22 billion of new customer business. We increased the long-term competitiveness of our business model by continuing to reduce our overhead costs by $50 million, and reinvested those savings to help fund our investments for growth, including more than a 10 percent increase in software and systems engineers. We integrated our nuTonomy and Ottomatika acquisitions into Aptiv Autonomous Mobility, launched a new Automated Driving Technical Center in Las Vegas, and logged more than one million autonomous miles globally. We also enhanced the strength of our Engineered Components Group with the acquisitions of Winchester Interconnect and KUM, further establishing Aptiv as a market leader in connectivity solutions.

Looking ahead, I’ve never been more confident in our capabilities and excited about our future prospects. Aptiv is well positioned to continue capitalizing on the key global megatrends driving Automotive 2.0. Today’s vehicle data, signal and power distribution systems rely on decades-old technology that is at the breaking point as consumers demand more safe, green and connected vehicles. Our vision is to be the preferred partner for our customers, leveraging our unique position as the only provider of both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle. As a result, we are able to conceive, specify and deliver hardware and software solutions to problems that many of our competitors do not even know exist.

The future of mobility is rapidly changing, and at Aptiv, we are positioned to win. Full message to stakeholders

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1. At constant foreign exchange and commodity rates. 2. Adjusted for restructuring and other special items.

Accelerating global growth through software and systems integration

Aptiv is a global technology leader, with more than 160,000 people across 126 manufacturing facilities and 15 major technical centers worldwide. With a presence in 44 countries, we address mobility’s toughest challenges through our deep software and systems integration expertise, delivering market-relevant solutions for our customers.

$1.4B invested in engineering


invested in engineering

18,600 scientists and engineers


scientists and engineers

6,500 software engineers


software engineers

Aptiv Business Segments

Segments reflect our capabilities as the only provider of an integrated brain and nervous system.

Advanced Safety & User Experience

Advanced Safety & User Experience

Encompasses our deep expertise in centralized computing platforms, advanced safety systems and automated driving, while enabling the growth in areas that enrich the in-vehicle experience.


2018 sales

Signal & Power Solutions

Signal & Power Solutions

Leverages our heritage as a global architecture provider and systems integrator to deliver the high-speed data and electrical power distribution systems required for feature-rich, highly-automated vehicles.


2018 sales

*Amounts include intercompany sales, which are eliminated in consolidation.


Kevin P. Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer

Developing Safe Green Connected Solutions
Developing Safe, Green and Connected Solutions

Developing Safe, Green and Connected Solutions

We’ve strategically positioned our product portfolio in high-growth spaces to meet consumer preferences for advanced technologies that address the convergence of industry megatrends around safe, green and connected solutions.



Advanced vehicle solutions aligned to the safe, green and connected megatrends are increasingly enabled through software. These feature-rich, highly-automated vehicles, in turn, are requiring optimized and sustainable architectures to support them. Aptiv is uniquely positioned as a full stack solutions provider to conceive, specify and deliver these fully integrated and optimized solutions, which unlock next-generation functionality.

  • Software: Application and Middleware
  • Sensing and Sensor Fusion
  • High Performance Central Compute
  • Data and Power Distribution
  • Connectivity
  • Systems Integration


Aptiv’s mission to enable the future of mobility links our business success to improving the sustainability of our planet and the lives of its citizens. As people demand safer, greener and more connected solutions, our innovative technologies and deep understanding of the automotive industry are helping to address our customers’ toughest challenges.

  • The democratization of advanced safety solutions is helping to reduce vehicle-related injuries and fatalities globally.
  • High-voltage electrification, vehicle light-weighting and electrical-architecture optimization is decreasing CO2 emissions while improving fuel economy.
  • Seamless connectivity between the vehicle, passengers and the world around it is helping provide more intelligent, integrated and productive solutions.
  • Automated driving, data services and fail-safe, optimized vehicle architectures will create more equitable and efficient access to mobility.

We are committed to conceiving, developing and delivering these advanced solutions in a responsible and sustainable way. That means ensuring the safety of our employees, assessing and reducing the impact of our products and supply chain on the environment, and engaging and improving our local communities.

We take pride in the positive impact our people and products make for our stakeholders every day, and in doing so help make Aptiv a sustainable business.

Recent recognition

Ethisphere Institute

Ethisphere Institute: 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies® for the seventh year in a row.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project: Volunteer respondent to the climate investor carbon and water reporting since 2012.
CDP Score: B.


EcoVadis: Gold rating and in the top 3% of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis in the category of “automotive parts and accessories manufacturers.”

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