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Message to Our Stakeholders

At Aptiv, we envision a world with zero traffic fatalities, cleaner air and connected mobility, and our innovative technologies are helping to make this vision a reality. Our software, hardware and systems integration capabilities are making vehicles safer, greener and more connected. Today, we are delivering the future of mobility.

In 2019, we continued to build upon our position as the only full systems solution provider, leveraging our brain and nervous system capabilities to deliver the next-gen technologies our customers need. Thanks to the contributions of our 160,000 global associates, we made significant progress executing our strategy, including strengthening our through-cycle resiliency, ensuring we can outperform in any macro environment.

Despite declining industry volumes, we had our eighth straight year of record new business bookings, reaching $22.1 billion. Our revenues for the year totaled $14.4 billion, representing 4% growth, 9 points above underlying vehicle production, reflecting the strength of our product portfolio aligned to the safe, green and connected megatrends.

Over the past few years we have increased the engineering investments necessary to ensure that we have the software, vehicle architecture, and systems integration capabilities required to execute our strategy and help our customers solve their biggest challenges. To help fund the increased investment in the development of these advanced technologies, we continued to reduce our overhead costs.

Our track record of strong operating excellence underlies our superior market performance. Aptiv’s 56% total shareholder return for 2019 outpaced our peers and the S&P 500 by 40% and 25%, respectively, over the same period. Our longer-term returns are equally compelling, with a 67% total shareholder return over the past five years, meaningfully outpacing both our peers and the S&P 500.

Aptiv’s unique position as the only provider of both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle makes us the only technology company capable of conceiving, specifying and delivering the advanced architecture and software solutions that are enabling the future of mobility. The pace of digitization in our industry is accelerating, and the demand for vehicles to be safer, greener and more connected entails new software-dependent features that in turn, require more advanced technologies, including sensing and compute platforms. In response, we have focused our portfolio on providing innovative end-to-end solutions, putting Aptiv at a meaningful competitive advantage as we deliver: Safer vehicles enabled by scalable advanced safety solutions: helping OEMs cost-effectively move to higher levels of active safety and ultimately automated driving; Lower CO2 emissions delivered through a portfolio of high-voltage electrification solutions: leveraging our design and manufacturing capabilities to help OEMs optimize vehicle architectures to minimize mass and weight, and reduce costs; and Improved in-cabin experiences provided through software-enabled functionality: empowering OEMs to introduce more advanced sensing and compute solutions to optimize the vehicle experience.

These advanced technologies position Aptiv to benefit from higher-value content growth opportunities, as well as create new business models for monetization. Given the speed and scale required to develop these differentiating platforms, we have selectively pursued strategic partnerships. In September, we announced our autonomous driving joint venture with Hyundai, a partnership that will advance the development and commercialization of the highest-performing and safest autonomous vehicles. Earlier this year, we invested in and established a commercial partnership with Affectiva, a global leader in human perception AI technology. Together, we are improving perception capabilities, enhancing road safety and redefining the user experience. Additionally, as the demands for vehicle electrification and the complexity of tomorrow’s highly automated vehicles exceed the capacity of today’s architectures, Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ will lower the total cost for our OEM customers while enabling a truly software-enabled, feature-rich, electrified vehicle. SVA™, with its Open Server Platform, uniquely delivers the flexibility, scalability and affordable redundancy required for the future applications that consumers will be demanding.

Aptiv’s increasingly sustainable business model enables us to convert a significant portion of income to cash. In 2019, we generated $1.6 billion in cash from operations, reflecting the conversion of 85% of Net Income into Free Cash Flow. During the year, we continued to streamline our operations with a focus on increasing efficiency and improving our cost structure, all while focusing our resources on the most attractive opportunities. Over the last five years, these efforts have generated $250 million of overhead cost reductions, the majority of which we reinvested in the next-generation advanced technologies that will continue to set Aptiv apart from our competitors and will continue to drive sustainable and profitable growth. In addition to organic investments, Aptiv’s capital deployment priorities include value-enhancing acquisitions and returning excess cash to shareholders. During 2019, we further diversified our revenue base and strengthened our engineered components product line with the acquisitions of Falmat and gabocom, while returning almost $650 million in cash to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends. We have long believed that share repurchases and dividends can be important elements of shareholder value creation, and have returned approximately $7 billion to our shareholders since our initial public offering in November 2011.

Our people play a critical role in executing our vision and strategy, and giving us our competitive edge in the market. Together we embrace Aptiv’s mission to deliver safe, green and connected technologies that enable the future of mobility, and each of us comes to work knowing that we are helping to create a world with zero traffic fatalities, cleaner air and connected mobility.

We are focused on attracting and retaining top talent, including our 20,200 engineers and scientists, situated in talent hubs around the world. We focus on providing our employees with holistic incentives, including competitive compensation, personal development and exciting career opportunities. Our world-class human capital allows us to simultaneously transform our existing businesses and to build robust new businesses. In addition, our flat organizational structure results in clear accountability and enables the necessary flexibility to meet local requirements.

A common set of core values and behaviors guides all of our employees to operate as one team and to think and act like owners, allowing us to deliver on our strategy. I am very proud that Ethisphere Institute has now recognized Aptiv as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for the eighth year in a row, reflecting our commitment to always do the right thing, the right way. We continuously invest in Aptiv’s differentiating culture to ensure significant leadership commitment and employee engagement. We recognize that thriving in today’s challenging environment requires a diverse team with the absolute best talent.

Aptiv is committed to delivering advanced technologies and superior shareholder returns in a responsible and sustainable way. The passion our employees share to make the world safer, greener and more connected doesn’t stop when they go home at the end of the day. Aptiv actively encourages and supports our employees’ efforts by sponsoring community activities during normal working hours and offering paid time off for volunteerism. In support of our mission, Aptiv has been a long-time supporter of STEM education around the world – providing team mentors to high school students, donating funds to support First Robotics teams and granting sponsorships to Greenlight for Girls, an international organization dedicated to inspiring girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEM subjects. I am very proud that Aptiv received a rating of A (on a scale of AAA-CCC) in the 2019 MSCI ESG Ratings assessment.

In 2019, we experienced periods of increased market volatility, foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations, and heightened global trade and tariff tensions. Aptiv’s long-term strategy to manufacture and source in-region provides us the resiliency to respond effectively to changing market dynamics. While geopolitical uncertainty has increased, I am confident in our ability to adapt quickly to fluctuating market conditions, leveraging our flexible business model and optimized cost structure.

We have a long track record of taking the steps necessary to deliver on our long-term vision and to create superior stakeholder value. With our ownership mindset and passion for results, you can expect more of the same sustainable outperformance in the years to come. I would like to thank everyone on the Aptiv team whose contributions have allowed us to advance our mission to build a safer, greener and more connected world. I look forward to continuing our journey together, and I have never been more confident in our future.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Aptiv. You have my promise that we will continue to strive to earn it every day.

Kevin P. Clark
President and Chief Executive Officer

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sales growth1


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business bookings

1. At constant foreign exchange and commodity rates. 2. Adjusted for restructuring and other special items.

Accelerating global growth through software and systems integration

Aptiv is a global technology leader, with more than 160,000 people across 126 manufacturing facilities and 15 major technical centers worldwide. With a presence in 44 countries, we address mobility’s toughest challenges through our deep software and systems integration expertise, delivering market-relevant solutions for our customers.

$1.4B invested in engineering


invested in engineering

18,600 scientists and engineers


scientists and engineers

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Aptiv Business Segments

Segments reflect our capabilities as the only provider of an integrated brain and nervous system.





Encompasses our deep expertise in centralized computing platforms, advanced safety systems and automated driving, while enabling the growth in areas that enrich the in-vehicle experience.

Leverages our heritage as a global architecture provider and systems integrator to deliver the high-speed data and high-power electrical systems required for feature-rich, highly-automated vehicles.


2019 sales


2019 sales

*Amounts include intercompany sales, which are eliminated in consolidation.

“Our software, hardware and systems
integration capabilities are making vehicles
safer, greener and more connected.”

Kevin P. Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer

Aptiv Annual Report 2019
Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

SVA is Aptiv’s answer to delivering a sustainable architecture, by reducing total cost of ownership and improving lifecycle management, while creating an open platform for innovation.

Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ - SVA™ addresses a number of issues our customers face with today’s architecture.

Simplify complexity and reduce interdependencies between the many different ECU currently required to enable functionality

Unite diverse applications, to unlock new software enabled functionality and deliver better lifecycle management

Empower our customers to fully control the software that defines the user experience of their vehicles - something they know best

Thanks to Aptiv’s unique position with both the brain and nervous system of the vehicle we are able to conceive, specify and deliver these advanced architectures today, while giving customers a clear roadmap and transition path to SVATM.

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Our Sustainability

Sustainable by design

Aptiv commits to realize our mission, to live our core values, and to continuously improve in making our products and facilities more sustainable.

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